My Wamli purchase!

Hi guys!

Have you guys heard of this brand new, awesome, funky new site called Wamli?. I heard about it couple of months ago and soon signed up. The products there are acquired from different parts of the world and look cool.

Before I go ahead with more details on my purchase, here are a few products that I absolutely loved.

1) A scratch off map perfect for travelers. Everything is golden in color but then you can scratch it off to reveal colors underneath it. You can display this at home and show off ( 😛 ) which all places you have been to. It’s such a cool idea!

Scratch off map

2) A crazy and funky looking trolley bag which is so not me. Haha. I mean, it’s so loud and calls out for attention. That is not my nature but still this looks real cool!. Get ready to turn some heads with it…Crazy luggage

3) Such a cute lamp. I just love it!

idea lamp

4) Need a funky holder for your ipad?. How about a hoodie?


5) Now how about a megaphone so that so can hear songs real loud?


I think I really need to stop!. Otherwise I am gonna literally show every products available for purchase on Wamli!.. They have a rewarding concept, whereby if you are active on the site, meaning you comment on products, add them to your want list, like other people’s comments etc, you achieve XPs and coins. You can use these Wamli coins to purchase any of the products on the site. So, if you really want something amazing but it costs a lot, just be active on the site, earn coins and buy it.

The prices seem a bit high but considering that they bring these products from all over the world into UAE, give you easy access to it and offers free shipping in UAE, I think it’s fair.

So, you might be wondering what my purchase was, right?. It’s a cake slicer called P’s of Cake. Price is AED 91.75 or 6,250 Wamli Coins.


As you know, it’s my birthday in Oct. I thought this would be cool to cut my cake with :). You get perfect slices. You press on the handle more while cutting into the cake and when you bring it over to your plate, loosen your hold on the handle and the cake just slides out. Shown below is the illustration of what I just said, displayed on the side of the box it comes in.


Cheese bubble holes on the cutter ensure vacuum-less easy cutting and releasing. P’s of Cake is made out of anti-bacterial, anti-adhesion nano plastic and is certified safe for food usage. I think it’s so gorgeous and makes life easier!.


It says on the page, that the estimated delivery is 2 – 7 days. I received it in 2 working days. The product was delivered by Fedex.


I see myself returning to Wamli to get more fun stuff. Why don’t you visit the site and tell me what captured your fancy or do let me know below what you think of my purchase!




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