Review: Contact lens plus comparison between 2 brands..

Hello guys!

Are you a fan of contact lenses or are you totally averse to the thought of placing something like that in your eyes?. Let me talk more about it and let you decide whether it’s something that you should try.

First, let me discuss my history with them. I have worn it for almost 4 years continuously except for an year’s break in between. During that time, I went back to wearing specs. I prefer contact lens anytime.

At first, I found it really tough to insert them in my eyes. I literally sat 4-7 minutes in front of a mirror, trying to put it right. However, over time, it became so easy for me that now I do it in a matter of seconds. My eye doc prescribed the brand Frequency 55 to me. It’s a nice brand and is comfortable. A box contains 6 pieces, each of which is good for a month’s use. I like monthly disposable one’s rather than the ones that are valid for using for a year. I don’t think that is good for your eyes. I used to always buy it at the same place in Abu Dhabi. But earlier this year, I ran out of it and had to buy from Sharjah. I searched around for Frequency 55, however, I just couldn’t find it. So at one place, this guy said Bausch & Lomb is better and I should try it out.


So, I did and absolutely loved it. The B&L one is so comfortable that you wouldn’t feel like you have anything foreign in your eye at all. When switching from Frequency 55 to B&L that change was massively felt. However, now my eyes have really gotten used to that comfort, so I feel it’s normal. But if you are wondering which brand to use, I would highly recommend B&L.

Both of them has boxes which contains three month’s supply. It comes in a pack like this.

20130807_142513The transparent lens are immersed in some kind of protective solution in these sealed containers. Every time you buy a box of lenses, you will be given a bottle of solution with it and a lens case. When I bought the B&L set, I was given a choice between Renu and Solo Care Aqua solutions. I chose the latter. It’s 90 ml.

With Frequency 55, they always give the brand Options Multi. Actually which ever brand it is, I don’t think it matters, when it comes to these solutions. Every time in the past, I have got a 100ml bottle but this time, I was so shocked when they gave me a bottle that’s just 50ml. I seriously couldn’t believe it. The price you pay is the same but the quantity has reduced. How crazy is that??. Here are the two bottles in the below pic.

20130827_181446The price of Frequency 55 is AED130 and that of B&L is AED120. If you have the same power in both eyes, then you are in luck actually (like me!), because you have to buy only one box. But if the power is different in both eyes, you will have to buy two different boxes and use one from each box, each time.

Other important information

  • Never sleep with contact lens in your eyes. The cornea of our eyes has no blood supply of it’s own. When you wear lens for extended periods of time, say overnight, the cornea bulges for lack of oxygen. Next morning, you will find yourself with blurry, prickly eyes.
  • Change the solution in your lens case as often as every 2 days. Each time you use your lens and put it back in your case, the solution works hard to cleanse it, disinfect it and keep it in the greatest condition it can be. When you don’t replace it, it gets dirtier and might cause infections in your eyes.
  • The diameter of the lens is very important. Both the brands mentioned sells lenses with a diameter of 14.2mm. I think that’s the normal one. Last year, I got a pair of lens from Pinky Paradise, which is an online seller of a massive variety of colored lenses of all kinds. I bought a brown colored one (just for a change!) called Hana SPC Natural Brown, which was super comfortable by the way. It’s diameter is 14.5mm and believe me, that 0.3mm difference from the normal one, made my eyes looks very unnatural and menacing. Here is a pic of my eyes wearing it!

Brown lens

  • Unlike rumored, when barbecuing or standing near hot places like a stove, your contact lens does not melt and cause blindness. That’s just a lot of BS. It just does not. So don’t worry about that.
  • Your lens wont just pop/ fall out of your eyes. It stays right in place until you remove it.
  • You can wear lens for long hours. I have worn lens for as long as 12 – 13 hours at times.

So that’s it for now. Let me know below what your thoughts are on lenses and which brand you like the most. I love feedback!


Naz 🙂


4 thoughts on “Review: Contact lens plus comparison between 2 brands..

  1. I don’t like wearing spectacles but I am bespectacled most of the time. I really loved your account of wearing contact lenses. I use B and L too. I love them. Look at the size difference in the bottle of solution. Massive change for the same price. oh shucks. I find solution pretty expensive. couple of years back we used to get discounts, now I don’t see that anymore. End up having to pay through my nose for them. Hope you are enjoying your holiday, Naz. ❤ ❤

    • Hey!. Yes, I find it annoying that I pay the same price for a lesser amount of product. Seriously, everything is getting expensive. Even here in India. My vacation is going great so far :). Awesome that you love B and L too!

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