October 2014 Link Loves!


How was your month?. I spend most of it in India, on vacation. This time, I spent a lot of time at home rather than traveling, seeing relatives and shopping. So when compared to my vacations in the past, this one was pretty dull. But still, there was plenty of rain to sit and watch!. Loved that part.

For my birthday, I had a pretty lovely day. My husband wished me right in the morning, which came as a surprise since last time he had forgotten it :P. We cut a small cake and then had dinner from outside. It was really a very sweet day ♥

OK so it’s Halloween!. Happy Halloween to those of you who celebrate it. Here is a funny pic I came across online 🙂


On to my favorite posts this month :

1) Camila of TitiCrafty made this stunning red berries trifle, which is just soo heavenly and she has done a step by step recipe post, so that you can recreate it too!. I love the presentation and the yummy pix!


2) Sarah of Blend N Smack has done a step by step, detailed post of how to apply / blend your eye shadow. For someone like me who sucks at applying eye shadow, it’s really a blessing!. Do check it out. I love how she has included lots of pix so that you can really understand.


3) Jamie of Some of This and That has done a spider cookies recipe that is so appropriate for Halloween!. It’s pretty cool and presented very well too..



4) Nur of Nur Al Ayn Beauty has done an awesome post on how to use chocolate in face masks and create four awesome masks!. I will definitely try some of them out 🙂


That’s all for this month!. But before I wind up, here is an awesome gift code for you guys 🙂


When using this code, you will get 20% off your entire order from Arganfarm.

Also, Arganfarm was sweet enough to send me a birthday gift!. The only brand to actually do that. I was quite delighted to receive an amazing glass bottle of 30ml of premium Argan oil, produced in Sep 2014.


If you have missed my Arganfarm argan oil review, then click here to read it.

I hope you have a nice November ahead of you 🙂

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September 2014 Link Loves!

Hiya guys!

How was your September?. Mine was pretty hectic I should say. Preparing to go to India, blogging day and night to schedule posts ahead of time.. Man!. I dunno how I did it :P. It was my husband’s birthday on the 21st and my family came over to celebrate it together. They brought a gorgeous cake too :). It was the Praline Berry Splendor ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. Yum!

bday cake

My husband won a cricket tournament and brought home a massive trophy. I just had to share it with you guys. I am way too proud of him right now ♥. Also, kudos to his team for being awesome!


I became extremely happy when a friend of mine who doesn’t follow a skincare routine, decided to get all the basics to start a routine, after reading my skincare basics post. It’s so delightful to be able to inspire someone to take action! She shared a picture of the products she got and I am so thankful to her for sending it my way:


She bought herself:

  • An Olay offer pack, containing  day cream, a night cream and  face wash, costing AED30
  • Olay Regenerist Pro X skincare tool, costing AED137
  • A Dermoviva toner costing AED6

All of these were purchased from Carrefour, Sharjah City Center.

Alright, on to my favorites this month:

1) Jamie of Some of This and That, did a Swedish meatballs with mushroom cream sauce, which had me drooling over the pix!. It looks really delicious. Do check it out.


2) Megan of Lush to Blush, has done a very informative post on how WordPress is better than Blogger. I completely agree with her. I have no experience working on Blogger but I have enough and more friends who complain about it. I personally love WordPress so much. It’s so user-friendly. If you are considering whether to move to Wordpress or not, I say, go ahead!. Please do and also check out this awesome post by beautiful Megan..


3) Sarah of Blend N Smack, has done a fierce, step by step Halloween makeup tutorial with a half skull, half glam look, that is just so stunning. It amazes me how talented this young friend of mine is. Gosh!. You have got to check her out, especially since this is just the first of a series of Halloween looks that she is going to create!


4) Abidha of Abidha Ayyoob’s Blog, has done a very helpful post sharing her DIY cleansers for AM and PM. I love DIYs. Natural, homemade things always interests me. I am especially in love with her AM cleanser and hope to try it out soon. Do check out this versatile blogger friend of mine!


Glorious Mentions

1) Sarah of Blend N Smack, accepted my nomination and did the Lip Product Addict Tag. She also mentioned my own tag post in it. It was lovely reading through your answers, Sarah. Thanks for doing the tag :).


2) Daania of Serendipity Happens, accepted my nomination and did the Seven Sins of Beauty Tag and also mentioned my own tag post in it. Thanks for doing the tag, Daania. It was so nice getting to know more of your beauty product favs 🙂


3) Renee of Mother Daughter Book Reviews, did a wrap up post for the Frankie DuPont book and mentioned my review of it, in that post. Thanks Renee!


4) Renee also did a wrap up post for two Jeff Gunhus books namely Night Chill and Killer Within and mentioned both my reviews in that post. You can read my reviews by clicking here and here.


5) Monica of Pink Asfoura, did a post on things to remember while shopping when there is a sale going on. I thought it was a very interesting post and when I added a tip of mine in the comments, she loved it and updated her post with it, giving credit to me and mentioning my blog :). Thanks, lovely Monica.

6) Eterspace has mentioned my review of Pose Organic cosmetics on their website permanently 🙂


7) Lastly, Renee also did a wrap up post for the book From the Magical Mind of Mindy Munson and mentioned my review of it, in that post :).


That’s all for now :). I am super stoked for next month, since it’s my birthday month. I have prepared a pretty good giveaway for you guys. So stay tuned for that!. By the way, next month I will be doing posts every alternate day and not every day like I have been doing since July.

Here is wishing that you have an outstanding October ahead of you ♥

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August 2014 Link Loves!


Yet another month has passed by!. I really hope you had an amazing month. I fulfilled one of my wishes this month and that was to visit Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world :). Then I spent some quality time with my parents when they came to visit me recently. We went shopping to Mega Mall in Sharjah.

Another really exciting thing is that my hair is now completely back to how it was look-wise before I rebonded my hair, five years ago!. The first time I rebonded my hair was in 2009 (Want a detailed post?. Click here). I rebonded a second time in 2010.

As years went by, the new hair seemed wavier than before and the bottom half of my hair was still straight. It’s not a really neat look. I have always sported long hair and I didn’t want to cut a big chunk off in one go. I kept letting my hair grow then trimming it and repeating this process. I would have an inch cut off every 2 or 3 months, thus getting rid of the straight [damaged] hair but at the same time, keeping my hair length the same throughout. This month, the last of the straight hair was trimmed off!. I am not saying my wavy hair is damage free now. Of course not. Hair strength and damage wise, I don’t think I can ever go back to my virgin hair but hey a girl gotta keep trying right?. So, I will keep looking after it by oiling regularly, applying deep condition masks and all that.

Alright, on to my August favorites:

1) Camila of Titi Crafty has created these gorgeous DIY Modge Podge Wooden Jewelry boxes and done a complete tutorial on it. They are so perfect and pretty. I love the pattern combinations on each box. Check them out!


2) Sarah of Blend N Smack has done a post on how you can turn an eye shadow into a lipstick. She created some really different colors with it. Do check it out!


3) Daania of Serendipity Happens is in Sri Lanka at the moment on vacation. She visited this picturesque place called Sembuwatha lake. I am in love with the photos!. I hope I go there one day <3. Check out more pictures from the post.


4) Chrys of Oh Chrys! did a post highlighting the cons of being an inactive blogger. With the help of memes that she created, she drives home the message clearly!. If you are not into blogging frequently, you got to read this!


Glorious mentions

1) Daania of Serendipity Happens has done the lip product addict tag after I tagged her :). She has mentioned my lip product addict tag in that post too.

dsc_03002) Michael Todds True Organics has permanently linked my Eye-o-sonic review on their website, specifically on the Eye-o-sonic product page!. I am so proud to see my name there. Click the link above or checkout this screenshot below:


3) Renee of Mother Daughter Book Reviews has mentioned my When Violet was Blue book review in her Book Blitz wrap up post. Thanks Renee!

violet4) Eyova recently sent out an email newsletter to a closed group mentioning my Eyova egg oil review. Since it was sent to a group of people and not published online, here is a screenshot for you guys!

Eyovaemail5) Renee of Mother Daughter Book Reviews has also mentioned my Dream Warriors book review in her Book Blitz wrap up post. Yay for the mention!

DreamWarriors-Cover563x9006) Irene of Drab 2 Fabz has started a mission!. She mentioned my blog in that post since I am also taking part in it along with my other blogger friend, Abidha of Abidha Ayyoob’s blog. Check out the post to find out what that mission is 😀

That’s it for this month. I hope you have a sensational September ahead of you ♥

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July 2014 Link Loves!

Hey guys!

Whoa… Another month gone by. Time flies of late.Don’t you agree with me?. I cannot believe Ramadan and Eid is over already!. I hope you all enjoyed with your family for Eid.

On to my favorite posts of this month!

1) Teri of Mom to Bed by 8 did a post titled Five Ingredients For a Beauty Salad, which I found to be very informative. I don’t use a lot of those mentioned and I am now considering doing so. Check out the post to find out what those 5 ingredients are!


2) Michelle of Swanky Point of View wrote a cool post which lists alternative uses for salt so that you can save money. Some are really cool tips!


3) Sarah of Blend N Smack did a wonderful comparison post between the real and fake The Balm Nude’tude palette. She has done a freaking awesome job at the comparison. I look forward to more such posts from this lovely blogger!


4) Abidha of Abidha Ayyoob’s Blog and Irene of Drab 2 Fabz, who are two of my close blogger friends, are doing a collaboration giveaway and are giving away an Aldo Smoldt satchel and a UD Naked 2 palette!. It’s open to UAE residents only. This is such a generous giveaway, so I urge you to check it out now and enter. Last date is 20th Aug 2014. You have to enter on both the blogs, so the links are below:

Abidha’s post – Click here

Irene’s post – Click here


nakedGlorious mentions

1) Abidha of Abidha Ayyoob’s Blog mentioned my iHerb haul post in her Half year favorites of 2014 post. Thanks Abi 🙂

Blog pix 002

That’s it for this month!. By the way, from the mid of this month, I started posting daily. Probably this will be kept up until Spetember and then I will go back to my regular ‘every other day’ posting schedule. I hope to review more products, more books and post more interesting new arrivals in the beauty industry. Stay tuned 🙂

I hope you have an awesome August ahead of you!

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June 2014 Link Loves!


What’s up you guys?.. How has your month of June been?. I hope it was awesome. The holy month of Ramadan has begun and I am thrilled about it. Last year’s Ramadan was completely messed up since I came down with chicken pox :(. It was a tough time.

This month has been good for me. My mom came to stay with me and we did some damage at Bath and Body Works :). She also got me a gorgeous wristlet and a stunning but simple chain from Aeropostale. It’s my first time owning anything from that brand, so I am stoked!

Aero wristletThis is straight off my Instagram. Do follow me there!

20140626_204638This pic doesn’t do it justice. It looks fabulous IRL. Also a tag on it says ‘1987’ on one side, which is when the brand came about but also happens to be my birth year! and on the other side, it says ‘AERO’. Oh am in love!

Alright, on to my favs for this month:

1) Laurie of Huggable Friends reviewed a handmade Indian journal on her site. Not only was the review written very nicely, the journal is just so gorgeous. It’s made by Vishruti, in Mumbai. She owns an Etsy store too.

journal Collage

2) Irene of Drab To Fab did a detailed review of the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. She also has mentioned how to use it with different types of products and also how to wash it. I have heard so many good things about it so far. Maybe some day in future, I will give it a try. She bought it from iHerb btw.

Real Techniques sponge

3) Nirvana of Nirvana’s Pocketful, did a post showing various bookmarks that she would like to own and I couldn’t help but fall in love with some of those!. I personally don’t use bookmarks a lot though I do read a lot. I tend to remember the page number, just like Nirvana said in her post :P. Definitely check out her post.


4) Cristy of Pretty My Party did a DIY project and created this serving tray that is so beautiful!. Do check out her post.


Glorious mentions

1) Renee of Mother Daughter Book Reviews gave me a shout out for reviewing the book Hello Bali. Click here to read my review, in case you haven’t read yet.

Hello Bali - Front Cover

2) Sally of Canadian Sassy Sally, reblogged my book review of L… For Life; Love & Lots in Between, my May Link Loves post and also my Lip Product Addict Tag :). Thanks so much, Sal!

23That’s all for this month. I really hope you have a jolly July ahead of you 🙂

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May 2014 Link Loves!

Hey guys!

How was your May?. I am into decluttering, organizing and all that but truth be told, I am not someone who scrubs down the printer, washing machine, fridge etc on a regular basis. So, at the start of this month itself I did that, for a change!. Man, my washing machine looks brand new now and my fridge is literally gleaming!. Seriously, unless you do it, you won’t understand how much dust settles on these household stuff. I urge you to do it too. Your home will have a prettier look 🙂

This month, my parents went on a trip to Indonesia!. Five nights in Bali and two in Jakarta. It’s so beautiful there and I thought I’ll share some pictures with you..

IMG-20140519-WA0007Behind the hotel they stayed at

IMG-20140520-WA0003Next to the hotel lobby

IMG-20140523-WA0008View from their hotel room

IMG-20140519-WA0004A really beautiful and creative arrangement on their bed!

IMG-20140523-WA0004A gorgeous waterfall at one of the places they visited

IMG-20140531-WA0010-1Going for a ship cruise!

IMG-20140531-WA0011-1View while they went for a ship cruise

IMG-20140531-WA0006-1A wishing well!

The money conversion is nuts really!. 1 UAE dirham is equivalent to 3178 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)!. My parents had decided to take AED 2K with them which is roughly IDR 6 million!. I was thinking “Jeez, they would need another bag to carry the money!”.. Haha :D. Everything over there is pretty expensive. A SIM card itself cost IDR 150K!. A grand buffet costs about IDR 355K. Turns out 6 million wasn’t enough to last them a week there. My father used his credit card on top of it. I seriously can’t believe it!. The notes are of a high denomination so paying such huge amounts is easy.



They even went to a coffee factory where they saw Kopi Luwak, which is the most expensive coffee in this world. Here is the pic of the Luwak and that coffee!

IMG-20140531-WA0017-1This is Luwak, the civet like mammal that plays a vital role in the making of this coffee!

IMG-20140531-WA0004Luwak’s poo

IMG-20140531-WA0005The dried poo, before going for further processing

IMG-20140531-WA0019-2This 50 gms pack of Kopi Luwak costs IDR 180K!

Here are some stuff they bought for me :


  • A nice handmade basket (it has a single partition inside it). Costs a whopping IDR 270K!
  • A packet of Durian chips which is my all time favorite. You get them here in UAE only when the DSF is going on.
  • A packet of Coffee choc, which consists of chocolates with coffee beans inside them. It tasted amazing and very unique.
  • A handmade soap smelling on Ylang Ylang which costs about IDR 15K!.
  • A pack of incense sticks. The packaging is so adorable and probably handmade too!
  • Some hotel amenities like shampoo, body lotion, shower gel and soap because I love teeny weeny stuff like that.

If you are planning to go to Bali, I would suggest you convert atleast 3K Dirhams for shopping, spending on spa and food over there. Overall, my parents loved the experience.

Alright, that’s how my month of May was. Onto my favorite posts of the month :

1) Camila of TitiCrafty, made this amazing and healthy walnut oatmeal cookies that looks crunchy and yum. It’s perfect for those who are health conscious but yet craves for something special.


2) Sarah of Blend N Smack, did a post on how to depot eye shadows. it’s very nicely and easily done. The end result is very neat and I loved it!


3) Author Marc of Marc’s blog, did this amazing and poignant post about how water bodies brings us all together and brings out the best in us. It’s very well thought of and absolutely true!. Whenever Marc does some deep thinking sitting in this thinking chair, he brings out amazing posts like these. You will definitely love reading it!


4) Jamie of Some of This and That, did an awesome looking Sunrise Smoothie which is perfect for the hot weather in UAE right now!. I am loving the combination. Why don’t you try it out?

Sunrise smoothie

Glorious mentions!

1) Sally of Canadian Sassy Sally, reblogged my Hello Summer Giveaway Hop. Thank you for reblogging!!. She also did a post about a board game that I gifted her recently.

boardgameI hope you loved this post. Here is wishing that you all have an amazing June ahead of you ♡

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April 2014 Link Loves!

Hey guys!

Hope you guys had a lovely April. I had quite a nice one. It was my father’s 61st birthday this month :). Touchwood!. In February, when I took a cake to my parent’s home for Valentine’s day, my father mentioned to me that he absolutely loved it because though it’s chocolate goodness, it doesn’t seem overly sweet. Being a diabetic, he is concerned about his sugar intake. He had asked me more about it like where I bought it and all that. It was very clear that he loved it. So, for his birthday, I got the same cake again :). He was totally surprised. It’s a chocolate milk cake from Hot Breads, Sharjah.

20140417_155314Also, I bought a new mobile this month!. I am not crazy about changing my mobiles often like how some people are and I am so not a gadget freak. So, after three years of being faithful to my Nokia X2-00, I moved on to Nokia X, which is the latest Android phone from Nokia.

X2 to X I went for a totally funky color – GREEN!. There were many other color options. I think this mobile is really nice. The scrolling and swiping movements are really smooth and overall it’s very user friendly. For a latest Android phone in the market, you would be surprised to hear it’s price. It’s AED439 only!. I bought it from Carrefour, Mirdif City Center, Dubai.

Onto my April favorites :

1) Camila of Titi Crafty did a post on how to make Family Style Homemade Hash browns and it literally had me drolling over the pix!!. I love Hash browns from McDonalds though I have never tried making it at home. This would be a great recipe that anyone could try out.

Hash-Brown2) Sarah of Blend N Smack did her skin care routine for clearing acne. I found the routine to be really nice and thorough.

Skincarebio3) Heather Von St. James has launched a page to spread awareness about Mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that develops from cells of the mesothelium, the protective lining that covers many of the internal organs of the body. Mesothelioma is most commonly caused by exposure to asbestos. Heather was exposed to asbestos from her father’s work jacket when she was a little girl. After 30 years, she was diagnosed with this cancer. She was given only 15 months to live. However, she beat the odds and she is still here eight years after she was diagnosed of it!!. She is a true survivor. She launched this page to spread awareness about this dangerous form of cancer and I would love it if you check out the page and also spread word about it!

Heather4) Monica of Impressions of a Princess had the chance to live out a dream every girl would have dreamt about, after watching Ariel, in Walt Disney’s Little Mermaid!. I simply couldn’t believe it. It’s just so stunning and such a unique experience. It took place at Manila Ocean park, Philippines. Click here to read about her experience being a mermaid for a few hours 🙂


Glorious mentions

1) Sally of Giveaways Galore mentioned me quite a few times this month!. She mentioned my March Glambox review, reblogged my second blog anniversary giveaway, did a post when she won in that same giveaway, linked up my gift exchange post with her, did a post showing the things  I gave her as part of the gift exchange and also linked my Prize received post. [Update] She even reblogged this very same post just now!. Thanks so much Sally ♥.

2) Umm Hanna of Jennylyndelacruz16 reblogged my second blog anniversary giveaway. Thanks Umm Hanna!

3) Sarah of Blend N Smack nominated me for Very Inspiring Blogger Award!. I am humbled really. Thanks Sarah. However, I wont be posting an acceptance post because I have been awarded this last year and I had done a post then. Click here if you wish to read it!

vib-award_zpscc9acedd4) Abidha of Abidha Ayyoob’s Blog did a post showing the prize she won in my second blog anniversary giveaway. She clicked nice pix and is really sweet to do a post about it. Thanks Abi!

20140429_1538325) Irene of Drab to Fab, mentioned my post about Dove’s range in her post titled Moisture Madness #2. She covers some great (and no so great!) moisturizing finds and did nice and short reviews on them. Do check it out.

MoisturizingIf you have noticed, I am now posting every alternate days. Hope your inbox is not filled with my mails!!.

That’s all for now, dear friends!. I hope you have a marvelous May ahead of you ♥

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March 2014 Link Loves!

Hello there!

I couldn’t do my March link loves last month because I was out of the country on a little trip, which I will post about soon. Hope you had a wonderful March, you guys!

Here are my favs:

1) Kelly of Kelly’s Thoughts On Things did a post on Top 10 ways to brighten up your home without breaking the bank and I found it quite helpful. These are simple tips yet very effective. Do check it out to give your house a younger look 🙂

712932495_c2a5fa0507_z2) Author Marc of marc’s blog has published a lesson guide for his book, About a Farm and it’s now available on Amazon!. About a Farm is a children’s book, which also won a 2013 Children’s Literary Classics International Book Award!. This lesson guide is designed for teachers and is targeted for grades 3 through 5.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000444_00053]3) Grace of That Grace Girl did a Lemon and Chilli pasta post. What I loved about it is how simple and easy it is. I like things that can be made on the stove, without depending on the oven. Just how yum does this look!!. God, I am trying to lose weight and looking at this makes me wanna go make it and eat the whole thing 😛

pasta4) Sarah of Blend N Smack recreated Katy Perry’s Dark Horse makeup look and did a complete tutorial on how to do it. She is really talented and is stunningly gorgeous. All her tutorials are very much in detail and easy to follow. Do check out her blog.


Glorious mentions

1) Komal of Komal’s Korner did a post about my Second Blog Anniversary giveaway. Thanks for spreading word about it, Komal :). Check out her blog if you wish to discover more about Dubai, Alain and Mumbai!

2) Abidha of Abidha Ayyoob’s Blog also did a post about my Second Blog Anniversary giveaway. I love the way she presented it. So detailed, with lots of pix. She is a real sweetheart and you have got to check out her blog!. Thanks Abi 🙂


I hope you all are having an amazing April so far ♥

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February Link Loves!

Hello you guys!

How have you been?. How was your ‘Love bhari pharvari’ (February filled with love in Hindi language)?. For me, it went good. I spent Valentine’s with my husband and family. This is the cake we got for my family 🙂

20140213_160241Ah it was a creamy chocolate cake!

Lets get to my February favorites!

1) Christine of Oh Chrys, did a post on 5 Signs He’s a Bad Book Boyfriend!. Some people like bad literary men. As for me, I am loyal to just one book boyfriend :).. He is really good with just a bit of darkness in him. Yes, I am talking about Arwan from The Stone Legacy series by Theresa McClinton. He is a great book boyfriend I would say 🙂


2) Irene of Drab to Fab, who is a good blogger friend of mine is doing a giveaway, featuring Glambox. You should check it out and enter it, if you are in UAE :). Good luck!


3) Grace of That Grace Girl did a post on how to make Chorizo and avocado toast with poached egg and it looks yum. Of course if I make it, I will be using chicken and I think it will taste great. It is so healthy too!


4) Sally of The Giveaways Galore, reviewed the services of Uber taxi service and also shared a code that can end up giving you free rides, which sounds great especially when the rides are in Lexus cars. Talk about arriving in style!. Do check it out.


Glorious mentions!

Abidha of Abidha Ayyoob’s Blog mentioned my product-researching post in her January Favorites post and my review of Ponds Age Miracle products in her February Favorites post. Thanks so much, Abi!. I really appreciate it 🙂

Blogpix 002

That’s it for now you guys!. I am super excited for March because it’s my second blog anniversary and you will be so excited to see the giveaway that has been planned for then!. Stay tuned and have an amazing March ❤

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Naz 🙂

January Link Loves!

Hi all!

I hope you all have had an excellent start to the new year :D. I had a pretty good start. I am currently writing this post from my parents’ home in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I just love visiting them!.

Here are my link loves for this month :

1) Robert Hudson, a freelance writer, wrote a guest post on Kelly’s Thoughts on Things, about how the different ingredients in your shampoo benefit you. Its a very helpful and informative post. Next time, you will know what ingredients you gotta look for, to get the results that you are looking for :). Do check it out.


2) Lara Ramos, expert beauty writer at Home Shopping Network, wrote a post about six tips to help your skin survive winter.  She also suggests some products in that post. I loved the tips and am sure you will too!


3) Irene of Drab To Fab, did an excellent post on how to organize your travel bag. Its very neatly done and contains the bare essentials that you should travel with. I just loved this post!


4) Chrys of Oh Chrys!, did a post on the kind of prose that she loves. Being a book blogger, her vocabulary is great and she puts down her words in an excellent way. In this post, she has pretty much wrote about all the kinds of prose that I love too, but using more expressive words. Just love the way she writes!


Glorious mentions!

1) Abidha of Abidha Ayyoob’s blog, mentioned my blog in her New Year post, where she talk about how 2013 was for her. She says I been very supportive and seriously, I just love Abidha for being equally supportive of my blog.


2) Sally of Canadian Sassy Sally (Giveaways Galore) reblogged my post about the January Glambox. Thanks Sally!. She also has nominated me for Wonderful Team Member Readership Award :). You are sweet, Sally..


3) Deena of Deenass88 (YouTube), uploaded a video which shows her current skincare routine. In the description box, she has mentioned one of the posts on my blog, about the skincare tips for cold weather. Thanks Deena!

I hope you have a beautiful February ahead of you. Stay tuned for more product reviews!. Also, I will be part of some book blasts next month. This means two things for you, my lovely readers : Get to know new books and all of them will have a giveaway attached to it for either an Amazon giftcard or Paypal cash of a significant amount. So follow me by email (On top of this page, right side) or by Bloglovin, by clicking on the button below. You don’t wanna miss those posts 🙂

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