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Book review : Frankie Dupont and The Mystery of Enderby Manor by Julie Anne Grasso!


Today I am reviewing a Middle Grade mystery book titled Frankie Dupont and The Mystery of Enderby Manor by Julie Anne Grasso. First, let us get to know the author a bit more:


With a background in pediatric nursing, Julie Anne Grasso spent many years literally wrapping children in cotton wool. Every day she witnessed great courage and resilience from the tiny people she cared for, which inspired her to write stories to encourage and entertain them.

She lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband Danny and their little girl, Giselle.

Book Summary


When his cousin Kat disappears from Enderby Manor, Frankie Dupont jumps on the scene, only to find bumbling Inspector Cluesome beat him to it. Cluesome thinks Kat simply wandered off. Frankie isn’t buying it.

He follows the evidence to conniving concierge, a six fingered chef, a talking parrot, and a shifty dwarf. Quite frankly, none of them are making any sense until Frankie discovers, Kat’s time is running out.

An exciting new illustrated mystery series for ages 8-12.

My review

In several of my previous book related posts, I’ve mentioned that suspense / crime mystery is my favorite genre. I have read a whole lot of them however this mystery book is new to me, since it’s a mystery written for children!. I found it to be pretty unique. The little ‘detective’ starring in this book is Frankie DuPont, who is just 10 years old!

Now, don’t let his age fool you!. He is a smartie and shows maturity beyond his age. It helps that his father is a private investigator. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense for him to know so much about solving a mystery!. The book begins with Frankie’s cousin, Kat gone missing. Then begins a series of events which leads him to Enderby Manor. That manor seems normal to you at first. However, there is a paranormal element to it, which puts a nice twist in the story!. The characters are described well. Inspector Cluesome who is in charge of the case is often clueless!. Also, Frankie has a dog called Sherlock. That’s pretty funny. When Sherlock got introduced in the first chapter, I actually expected him to accompany Frankie and probably assist him in his adventure. However, that’s not the case. He is mentioned again only in the last chapter.

Though I would say Frankie is intuitive, there were times when he seemed to figure out certain things a bit too fast. You might wonder how had he arrived at that conclusion. Certain situations required a bit more clarity. That said, I am delighted to note that this is the first book in a series of Frankie DuPont adventures!. I can’t wait to read more 🙂

The book cover is very nice. It shows little Frankie, the manor and four of the many key characters in the story. This is easily a book that will keep little readers hooked on to every word. It has the right amount of adventure, suspense and mystery.

I give this book 4 out of 5, which by Goodreads standards mean, I ‘really liked it’!

Links to the book

Amazon ~ Goodreads

Source: I received a complimentary ebook copy of this book for review purpose. All opinions are 100% my own.

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Book review: Lights of Aurora by Theresa McClinton

Hi all!

I am super excited to review the second book in the Stone Legacies series by my fav author/friend, Theresa McClinton!. Just to clarify, Escaping Darkness is a novella in the Stone Legacies series and that’s why Lights of Aurora (which technically is the third book) is called the second one.


A long time enthusiast of things that go bump in the night, Theresa began her writing career as a journalism intern—possibly the least creative writing field out there. After her first semester at a local newspaper, she washed her hands of press releases and feature articles to delve into the whimsical world of young adult and new adult paranormal and contemporary romance.

Since then, Theresa has been married, had three terrific kids, moved to central Ohio, and was repeatedly guilt tripped into adopting a menagerie of animals that are now members of the family. But don’t be fooled by her domesticated appearance. Her greatest love is travel. Having traveled to over a dozen countries and explored dozens of U.S. states—including an extended seven-year stay in Kodiak, Alaska—she is anything but settled down. But wherever life brings her, Theresa will continue to weave tales of adventure and love with the hope her stories will bring joy and inspiration to her readers.

Summary of the book


Tagline: The darkest lies lead to the sweetest truth

After the discovery of her ancient Maya bloodlines, eighteen-year-old Ashley Coreandero is faced with a daunting responsibility. She must protect the stone of Muuk’Ich while Sarian, the underworld general, relentlessly drives her to the brink of insanity.

As the winter solstice approaches, it brings an onslaught of unexpected side effects. Ashley must seize control over her supercharged powers, while dealing with the overwhelming suspicion that her boyfriend, Arwan, is hiding a secret so dark it could destroy them both.

With the arrival of a surprise houseguest, Ashley’s deepest fears about Arwan are confirmed. And when middleworld deities intercede, the group of gifted Maya descendants are confronted with hardships they never saw coming—including an enemy more deadly than they have ever faced.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned—but when that woman has no soul and a taste for revenge, they will need the powers of every surviving ancestor simply to stay alive.

My review

What can I say!. Theresa has charmed her way into my heart yet again with her creative storytelling talents. Ok, lets start at the beginning. The cover is absolutely mesmerizing. The color combination is beautiful and it is one of the best covers I have seen.

In the beginning, I didn’t really know why the book was titled so. But towards the end, I understood. The lights of Aurora is a very significant thing in Mayan life. The story begins right where it left off without any further ado. The pace is really good. Arwan is ever so hot and we get to know more about him, which I loved. There are twists and turns along the story and that makes it an unputdownable book.

One negative though is that at times, certain dialogues were repeated (inorder to show the depth of the emotion e.g. an argument). I found that bothersome and felt like “Come on, get on with it, will you?”. This is probably nit picking but I gotta say it all yeah?. There is more character development in this book when Ashley becomes more comfortable with her powers, Hawa is not her irate self and Jayden.. oh well he still remains a “Grade A a$$hole” (author’s words not mine!). I love the way, the winter solstice and the Lights of Aurora is explained. When reading, everything is explained in such a way that no questions arise in your mind. That means the author has gone to great lengths to make sure her readers are completely satisfied. As always, this book too is very well researched. I simply cant wait for the next book in this series. The ending makes you want to know more and more.

Seriously, the way she writes, Theresa makes me get right back to the book as soon as I finish the chores or should I say, I rush through the chores just to get back to the book. I don’t think many authors have successfully induced that effect on me. This book gets a 5/5 from me which by Goodreads standards means ‘it was amazing’!

Links to this book

Amazon * Goodreads *

How I received a copy!

An e-book copy of Lights of Aurora was given to me by the author herself, for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own and a free book does not change that!


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Book Review: The Thirteenth by G.L Twynham

Hello all!

Today I wish to review the book called The Thirteenth by G.L.Twynham. More about the author first..


G.L Twynham was born in Wellingborough, in 1972. She wrote short stories and poetry from an early age but her real passion for writing didn’t truly emerge until she was 31. She is also a self-published author.

Summary of the book

The Thirteenth

Tagline: A girl, a number, a destiny…

Imagine starting at the end and finishing back at the beginning. This is the story of a teenage girl called Valerie Saunders who is about to be thrown through time and space. Being bestowed with abilities beyond her wildest nightmares, she discovers that she not only has to deal with turning eighteen, her first job and an unwanted tattoo, but also magical powers and intense urges to fall in love. She envisaged she would spend her life blending into the scenery, not blowing it up! Val has a calling, but which side is dialing her number?

My Review

This teen sci-fy fantasy paranormal book, which is the first of a trilogy, is all about an 18 year old girl, named Val Saunders, who thinks she is a normal teenager but soon gets to know better!. The beginning of the book plunged me right into an action paced scene. It had me interested straight away. Then on, strange things start happening to Val and somehow, the way it was portrayed, I felt it to be weak. There are a total of 13 chapters and though each chapter is cramped with fast paced happenings of Val’s strange life with her new – found super powers (I don’t want to disclose too much), I didn’t find it gripping enough.

Val is very trusting of total strangers, which I really couldn’t deal with. How can you just trust a person you met just yesterday and discuss your most intimate things, which you have been hiding from your parents??. She forms relationships just like that and also gives up her feelings (which are portrayed as intense) just as fast!. How can one move on like that??. Also Val seemed to adjust to her new life quite quickly. Too quickly actually!.

Even in very serious situations, Val seemed to kid around. Probably, the author wanted to make the situation a bit light, but certain dialogues were simply cheesy. Also, some situations were conveniently placed in the book at such timings that it was pretty predictable. Some of the adventures that Val has were predictable too. You know how you watch a movie and you have an inbuilt feeling that the hero will eventually come out victorious. That’s exactly what happened. She just kept on winning the obstacles thrown at her, at such a level of ease, that it actually bored me. At times, I felt that the plot was slacking simply because this book is guided more towards teenagers than adults. I actually even began to doubt the author’s writing skills at this point.

There were some grammatical/typo errors in the Kindle version I received which annoyed me. If I had to stop in between, I didn’t find myself rushing back to find out what happened next. But I read on any way, for the sole reason of finding out why all this was happening to Val. Then I dragged myself to the 7th chapter and things started picking itself up!. The things happening with Val seemed more and more tougher to deal with, which interested me and gripped me. The author introduced such twists that I just didn’t see it coming and had me on the edge of my seat. I couldn’t imagine what came next and that had me wanting for more!.

Though there were certain cheesy moments like I mentioned before, there were also metaphors and other funny things said by the author which really made me laugh. Here is an example (from location 2692 of 5018 on Kindle):

Unexpectedly, the plane lurched to one side and Val felt her heart jump into her throat as she grabbed the edge of the nearest seat. “If we were supposed to fly I’m sure we would have wings,” Val hissed under her breath. (as you can imagine, Val HATES planes and flying).

The ending is definitely a surprising, shocking yet intriguing one. I am sure the second book in the series is just as interesting!. I give this book a 4/5 which by Goodreads standards mean I really liked it!

I am just wishing that the whole book had that gripping effect and Val had a stronger personality because that would have earned a straight 5/5 from me. The author really made up for the lackluster initial chapters and earned respect from me, in the last chapters. The whole concept of the book is attractive by the way, something am sure no other author would have thought of.

Links to this book

On Amazon : http://www.amazon.com/The-Thirteenth-G-L-Twynham/dp/1907211136/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1361092852&sr=8-2&keywords=The+Thirteenth

On Goodreads : http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13803884-the-thirteenth

How I received a copy!

An e-book competition was held by Swank Savings, where 20 Kindle copies of the Thirteenth was given away. I was one of the winners.


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