Book review : Frankie Dupont and The Mystery of Enderby Manor by Julie Anne Grasso!


Today I am reviewing a Middle Grade mystery book titled Frankie Dupont and The Mystery of Enderby Manor by Julie Anne Grasso. First, let us get to know the author a bit more:


With a background in pediatric nursing, Julie Anne Grasso spent many years literally wrapping children in cotton wool. Every day she witnessed great courage and resilience from the tiny people she cared for, which inspired her to write stories to encourage and entertain them.

She lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband Danny and their little girl, Giselle.

Book Summary


When his cousin Kat disappears from Enderby Manor, Frankie Dupont jumps on the scene, only to find bumbling Inspector Cluesome beat him to it. Cluesome thinks Kat simply wandered off. Frankie isn’t buying it.

He follows the evidence to conniving concierge, a six fingered chef, a talking parrot, and a shifty dwarf. Quite frankly, none of them are making any sense until Frankie discovers, Kat’s time is running out.

An exciting new illustrated mystery series for ages 8-12.

My review

In several of my previous book related posts, I’ve mentioned that suspense / crime mystery is my favorite genre. I have read a whole lot of them however this mystery book is new to me, since it’s a mystery written for children!. I found it to be pretty unique. The little ‘detective’ starring in this book is Frankie DuPont, who is just 10 years old!

Now, don’t let his age fool you!. He is a smartie and shows maturity beyond his age. It helps that his father is a private investigator. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense for him to know so much about solving a mystery!. The book begins with Frankie’s cousin, Kat gone missing. Then begins a series of events which leads him to Enderby Manor. That manor seems normal to you at first. However, there is a paranormal element to it, which puts a nice twist in the story!. The characters are described well. Inspector Cluesome who is in charge of the case is often clueless!. Also, Frankie has a dog called Sherlock. That’s pretty funny. When Sherlock got introduced in the first chapter, I actually expected him to accompany Frankie and probably assist him in his adventure. However, that’s not the case. He is mentioned again only in the last chapter.

Though I would say Frankie is intuitive, there were times when he seemed to figure out certain things a bit too fast. You might wonder how had he arrived at that conclusion. Certain situations required a bit more clarity. That said, I am delighted to note that this is the first book in a series of Frankie DuPont adventures!. I can’t wait to read more 🙂

The book cover is very nice. It shows little Frankie, the manor and four of the many key characters in the story. This is easily a book that will keep little readers hooked on to every word. It has the right amount of adventure, suspense and mystery.

I give this book 4 out of 5, which by Goodreads standards mean, I ‘really liked it’!

Links to the book

Amazon ~ Goodreads

Source: I received a complimentary ebook copy of this book for review purpose. All opinions are 100% my own.

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6 thoughts on “Book review : Frankie Dupont and The Mystery of Enderby Manor by Julie Anne Grasso!

  1. Glad you liked the book Naz. The author was very clever with the names for the characters and places. They all have meaning behind them. We should get her to do a blog post about them! Thanks for joining us in the blitz. 🙂

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  3. Cute and Nice! i am sure children would love it! I was always interested in such stuff in my childhood that I would actually act like the detective character for some days after reading! 😛

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