Review: Argan oil from Arganfarm plus a DIY Rhassoul clay face mask!

Hello friends!

Argan oil is a highly beneficial oil that has been around for many years but have been a rage of late, with everyone talking about it. I personally love this oil. It is part of my daily skincare routine. When I won a 50 ml bottle Argan oil from Arganfarm, I was over the moon!.

First of all, a bit of details about this brand : Arganfarm has an online store and it is You can buy Argan oil from them particularly for cosmetic use or for culinary use. What I noticed about this brand is that they are very ardent in their love for this oil and is doing everything in their power to make sure people get their facts about Argan oil right. There are many myths surrounding this oil. They even have a blog dedicated to educating people about this wonderful oil. In that blog, they do extremely informative posts about this oil. How this brand works to get the purest Argan oil, is listed there in detail for you to read and discover. Everything this brand does is transparent and I love that!

Here is my review on the oil :

The oil is golden in color. The smell is nutty, raw and earthy. I just love that smell. When I use it on my skin, I feel like I am indulging in something luxurious. The smell does fade away within minutes of applying the oil. The oil gets absorbed really fast and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

Blogpix 051

It’s quite light when compared to another brand I have used in the past. I am loving the texture of the Arganfarm oil more.

Blogpix 055I use it every night to moisturize my skin and when I wake up in the morning, my skin looks supple, hydrated and soft. There is no oiliness at all.

It comes in a plastic bottle with a sprayer and a cap. Now the one thing I dislike about this product is the sprayer. When spraying onto my hand, it sprays it to the sides too though I direct it to the center of my palm. I felt it is resulting in wastage and as such transferred it into the empty glass bottle of the previous brand I have used. It comes with a dropper and is so much more convenient to use without any wastage.

Argan oil fights against aging and acne, defends your skin against sun damage, softens the skin, regulates sebum production in people with oily skin and more.

Arganfarm sources their 100% pure and Fair – Trade Argan oil from women oil cooperatives in Morocco, directly and brings it to the consumer without involving any middlemen. They believe in preserving and protecting the Argan trees and never misusing it. I trust this brand so much and appreciate their willingness to educate more and more people.

Price: The bottle contains 50 ml and is worth $24.95 (AED 91.64). If you wish to do a trial first, you can buy a 15 ml bottle for $14.95 (AED 54.91) or a 30ml bottle for $19.95 (AED 73.27).

With every purchase of a 30ml or a 50ml Argan oil, they include a free beauty bonus. It’s a 100 gms bag of Rhassoul clay sourced from the Atlas mountains in Morocco!. They even included that in my winning package.

Blogpix 052

Blogpix 053

These are natural and just as they are mined. I was super excited to try this. Rhassoul clay or Ghassoul clay is known for their purifying properties. They help in moisturizing your skin and tightening your pores thus giving it a smooth and youthful look. The best thing is you can use rhassoul clay on your hair too for a hair strengthening treatment and it also boosts the hair’s shine.

There are lots of face mask/hair mask recipes online incorporating rhassoul clay. I would like to write about the face mask I made and loved using on my face. It gave me beautifully clear and hydrated result. You should totally try it!

You will need:

  • A little glass container to mix and store the mask

Blogpix 057

  • Argan oil
  • Rosewater
  • Water

Blogpix 058

Method: Mix some drops of both oils and rosewater into the container, in which you have put the rhassoul clay pieces. I didn’t use any particular measurements but used more of the rosewater. Mix using a toothpick. At first I had thought of not using water at all. But in order to help dissolve the clay you definitely need to use some amount of water.

Here is the mix on my hand (this mix doesn’t have water in it. I mixed water later on but didn’t click a picture.)

Blogpix 059I use it on my face for about 5 minutes. You can use for a maximum of 10 minutes. When it dries like below, you will know it’s time to wash off.

Blogpix 060

Once you wash it off, your skin feels tight in a good way and instantly radiant. I LOVE this mask!. I didn’t store it in the fridge. It stayed outside on my kitchen counter for a month without any problems. This mask can be used twice a week. I haven’t used this clay on my hair yet. I will be doing that soon.


Arganfarm ships worldwide. When I won, they asked me for my street address and I gave them my physical address. However, the package was sent using Deutsche post. Once it reached UAE, it was sent right back since my address didn’t contain my P. O.Box :(. It was so saddening. However, the wonderful people at Arganfarm agreed to sent me a package again but this time to my postal address. I was overjoyed. It reached here in a week which is actually pretty fast for postal service.

I highly recommend this Argan oil. It’s premium and absolutely pure. If you would like to know more about Argan oil and it’s many uses, Arganfarm has also brought out a very informative ebook!. It’s price is $24.95 (AED 91.64) however they are currently offering this ebook for FREE. Yep, totally free. Simply click here to claim your ebook or click the picture below.

ArganbookDo check out Arganfarm’s Facebook page by clicking here :

I hope you loved my review. What are your thoughts on Argan oil?. Leave a comment below.

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Naz 🙂

5 thoughts on “Review: Argan oil from Arganfarm plus a DIY Rhassoul clay face mask!

  1. Hey, sorry Nazni, been busy these past couple days. Hope u r doing well. I hav tried the Argan oil but of a different brand & found it a bit too thick. Which is y I use the Moringa oil from Body shop. It’s really light. Absorbs into the skin in a matter of seconds. I sometimes even use it before make up. It absorbs so well into the skin, my makeup glides on smoothly. I hav a combination skin FYI.
    Anyways will definitely give this a shot if I can lay my hands on it. Thanx for the review.

    • Hey!. I did miss seeing you here on my blog.. Good to have you back!. Argan oil is generally fast absorbing and light, especially this one from Arganfarm. Also Argan oil can be used by all skin types. Do try it out. I have heard good things about Moringa oil. Will try in future 🙂

  2. Oh Naz.. I too have heard a lot of hype about Argan oil but still to try.. I got a bottle when my dad went to Morocco.. Still to try it though..Nice review.. And yes I’m getting the book

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