Flying tonight!

Hey guys!

I have scheduled this post to go live, at precisely 8.15 PM tonight, because that coincides with my flight time!. That’s right.. If you are reading this as soon as it’s posted, then know that I am in flight right now (if everything goes as per plan)!. I am super excited!. So, where to am I going??. So glad you asked!. It’s Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia :).


That’s a night view of this modern city!. I have never been there before. I am going away for 3 nights/4 days. From UAE, it’s a 7 hours and 15 minutes flight. It’s soo long, but I love traveling in an airplane and thus I really don’t mind it.

The one thing I HATE about traveling is the packing part!. Like, seriously, I have this nagging feeling that I left out something and I always end up packing backups and then other backups for the first backup!. I always overpack :P. Anyways, once I am back, I will do posts about my journey. So excited to share the details with you!

I am traveling with my husband. We have actually never been abroad together. We never even went for our honeymoon!. So I really look forward to seeing a new place, with him.

Have you ever been there or are you from Kuala Lumpur?. If you said yes, then please do leave comments and let me know what all I should check out there (particularly their tourist attractions) and must buy things (particularly beauty products)!. I already got one suggestion from a dear friend, Irene of Drab to Fabz, who has been there and told me to check out the China Town. I will definitely try to!. I really appreciate your comments/suggestions. I feel so happy that I have you guys in my life, to share this happiness with. I do hope I have a good Wifi connection where I stay!

Do pray that we have a safe journey 🙂

NOTE : I will do the March Link Loves in April. I didn’t get much reading done this month!. Stay tuned to see if your post gets featured ♥. Also, if you haven’t checked out my second anniversary giveaway yet, click here to enter!. It ends on April 12th, 2014 and is open to UAE/International participants (2 separate giveways).

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Naz 🙂


6 thoughts on “Flying tonight!

  1. you just reminded me to do your giveaway again, thanks! have a safe journey babe! share with all us all the news once you are there and every little detail of your trip, ca’t wait to hear it!!

  2. ooooh, you are traveling!!! how exciting. I am also doing a small trip for a week from tomorrow.
    Hope you have an awesome time and it’s really special to go somewhere with your loved one. have a safe journey and be back with lots of pics and experiences to share with us.

    • Hey, I hope you had a safe trip!. I indeed had fun and surely will do really detailed posts soon.. I hope you do posts about your trip too. Would love to know about it!

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