My experience with hair rebonding…

Hi guys!

In my haircare related posts, I always mention my hair is dry and damaged. Here is a little bit of history on it…. a trip down memory lane..

It was 2009. I was working back then. My hair was a little bit wavy, unmanageable and unruly. So getting them de-tangled right in the morning was a tough job. Also my father always wanted my hair to look great and kept telling me “Ask your Filipina friends how their hair looks so great!”. So finally I decided to do rebonding. I looked around for a perfect salon and with suggestions from couple of my Filipina colleagues, I finally chose a Filipina salon. I chose them because they are experts in the hair rebonding industry. When you decide to do anything, you go to the very best yeah?.

So, depending on my hair length (which is long), I was charged AED1000 for rebonding. It was a six hour procedure. Chemicals (tons of them) were applied, heat was applied, I was told to sit straight once it was all done so that no waves/curls form in the hair. The heat was pretty unbearable by the way. I never use hot tools on my hair so I pretty much had awesome (but unruly) virgin hair back then. [Oh by the way, the last time I had my hair straightened in a salon with a hot tool along with a blow dry was on a special occasion 2 years ago!.]

Anyways finally it was done and I had perfect hair. If you ever see me, my hair is definitely not something you would notice for being pretty. Probably my eyes maybe :P. But definitely not my hair. So finally getting my hair to look great, I was on top of the world. I got compliments by the ton. My confidence level hit an all time high and went right through the roof. Obviously that’s what you too would feel when your hair looks like this right?.

Smooth hair

All was well, until my hair started falling like crazy. At first, I noticed it while bathing. Previously my hairfall wasn’t exactly noticeable. Everyone has hairfall. Infact, on a regular day, a normal person sheds a maximum on 50 strands of hair. So when a lot of hair started falling I couldn’t help but notice. I tried conditioners (from the brand Cream Silk – also what Filipina’s use), but it didn’t make any difference. On my comb, I didn’t find much hair because my hair was so smooth it didn’t get snagged onto the comb. But on the floor, there was a lot of hair. I wasn’t cleaning my rooms back then (my mom was), so I never noticed. My mom did keep saying that I gotta take care of my hair more.

So, one year went by and my hair had already started becoming a bit wavy. The volume of my hair nearly halved. But still, could you really believe how stupid I was when I decided that I wanted to get my hair rebonded again!!.


Jeez. Looking back at those memories, I wish I could dissuade myself from doing it. But I did it again. This time it cost AED800. My hair looked great again. It was almost addicting. That smooth feel. But my hairfall continued.

Today, 4 years later, my hair is still under the category of ‘Damaged’. I do a lot of DIYs, deep conditioning at home etc to try and get back the health of my hair. I don’t work now a days and so, I have the time to take care of it like never before. The new hair that grows, seems to be more wavier than my original hair, which is pretty sad. I trim my hair every 2 months so that the ultra straight hair at the bottom is slowly gotten rid of. But what I can say is that the volume that I had, might never come back. It’s sickening really!. Now when I braid my entire hair, I have one ‘tail like’ braid while before I could have 2 braids with double the current one’s volume.

My final verdict : Rebonding gives you short lived happiness. It’s not worth it at all in the long run. If you are thinking about getting your hair rebonded, I would dissuade you completely. Just don’t do it. It’s not worth your time and money. Just look after your hair. Treat it with respect and care. Try to avoid hot tools for everyday use. I hope this post helps atleast someone out there decide against getting their hair rebonded.

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Naz πŸ™‚


91 thoughts on “My experience with hair rebonding…

  1. I will never get any such straightening treatments on my hair again….i did a Keratin treatment once and Gosh!! the results were short lived…but the after effects were ghastly….I am just going to stick to natural remedies now…

  2. I was thinking of doing keratin too when Mom advised me to go to natural masks and oils and I have to say it worked perfectly it just needs some patience. Thanks for the lesson Naz.

  3. Hi Naznin.. Oh gosh it was a sad affair.. ..I’ve practically heard and seen all the ppl who have done rebonding to have the same experience including my sister.. She had the most curly and frizzy hair I’ve ever seen and once left open we’d have to call a search party to find her face but after rebonding she has a fish tail now… But the point is I’m the only exception.. After rebonding I haven’t had much hairfall nor has my thickness drastically changed.. I’ve done it twice and third one is on the way… Don’t know why…

  4. I had no choice! I have to rebond my hair! My aunt force me to! If I dont she gets angry, and will keep persuading me to do it. Getting it tomorrow!! Wish me luck!

  5. Haha.. Did it twice.. Now I feel I made a wrong decision… My hair is not as thick as it used to be and the hair fall! Gosh!

  6. tankiew soo muCh…i stightened my hair , it continued only one week N after my Hair was damaged aloT ….I was Thinking of rebonding , but Oil tretments are best ….

  7. Well …lots of views and no solution …
    but i’ve got 1….
    Try these products
    Shampoo : Loreal Studio Professional Volume Expand &
    Conditioner : Loreal Studio Professional Xtenso Mask
    It work magically on my hair, i hope it will help you too tada

  8. hello! i do hair rebonding,I’m a Filipina and and did one of my Indian friends’ hair. It was really wavy and I managed to straightened it,not pin straight like a broom but straight with volume. Do you know what brand they used for you? I use Wellastrate and it never disappointed me and my clients. Is the cause of the hair fall due to breakage? It could be over processed ( during application time) or pulling of hair too much during the ironing process.

    • Hi Jen!. Thank you for your insight into this matter. I don’t remember the brand used on me. Yes, while ironing my hair was pulled pretty hard to get it amazingly straight. I do suffer from hair breakage. Where is your salon by the way?. You might want to put your details in here so others may get in touch with you, in case they really want to try rebonding.

  9. I have rebonded my hair 4 times now, and my hair have never been healthier. Although it is very important to take good care of the hair as I deep condition and apply a conditioning mask twice every week. That and cold water. I have never experienced the hair fall thing. To think about it, my hairfall was worse when I had curls and frizz. It also depends individually on hair types.

    • So sorry to hear that, Maria!. I haven’t completely recovered from it still, even after these many years. But all I can say is nourish your hair with conditioning masks and oils.. If I was consistent with my hair care routine, maybe my hair would have been back to normal by now. I also trim my hair every 2 months.

  10. Thank you so much for this post.You know ,since two days i had been doing a lot of research on these hair rebonding and smoothening treatments on the internet.All i could find was mixed and vague responses.I was quiet unsure of what to do with my wavy/curly hair as i’ll soon be joining my first job.But after reading this post I’ve finally decided not to go for any such hair treatment.You had put it up very well-:Treat your hair with respect and care:Once again thank you! hope your hair recovers soon and you have an amazing hair growth !.take care

    • Hi Tanisha!. First of all, congratulations on your first job :). I am so glad you found this post helpful. Thank you for letting me know your thoughts on this post β™‘

  11. i’d rebonded my hair 2 days before from my aunt , unfortunately my hair get waves from front:( i dont know what to do 😦 how can i manage my hair …….

    • Oh that’s sad.. Now that you have already done the damage, here is what I got to say. If you get waves, then gotta rebond again. But seriously, I wish you hadn’t done it in the first place that too unprofessionally from your aunt..

    • Hey Fii, mine stayed straight for 8 months. But by then the new growth, were wavy. So I straightened that part only, so that everything looks straight again!.

  12. I also got a natural wavy hair then it’s my grandma who asked me how my friends’ hair is. Later on, she treated me for a rebond. Everything went well and I almost cried as they ironed my hair in the end. The heat was too much for me. After a few months, my hair started going back to it’s natural state. Then I was in the market when someone pulled me by force to a salon and she started putting something on my hair. I found out it’s the cream for rebonding after the strong scent hit my nose. She demand me to stay and to pay. Since I don’t want any scenw, I paid up. Weeks latery hair started falling and it got thinner. In the end, my hair had gone dry and lots of frizz in the end. Til now I’m having problems in growing my hair. It stuck on my shoulder length for two years and it’s still dry no matter what natural remedy I do. Lesson learned. Never do something just to be in class and never ever let a psycho stylist drag you to their salon. Sad but I’m not the first victim of them. I’ll keep my wavy hair now and still trimming the dried parts (the end) then let the natural hair oil comes out.

    • Yuli, thank you for sharing your experience with me and other readers. Oh boy!. You went through a really harsh experience. How in the world did someone just drag you to their salon, do something to your hair and demand you pay up??. I really hope you regain your natural hair in due time. It’s been 5 years for me since my first time and still not recovered… Continue doing natural remedies, ok?. Take care!

  13. just got my hair rebonded yesterday n it burnt a little bit …what i want to ask…. that the new hair growing from ur roots is also damaged or no

  14. Your writing has impressed me. It’s simple, clear and precise. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family. Regards and good luck

  15. Well,i have done rebonding again and again….and it doesnt bother me at all…my hair still in good state and my stylist said that my hair is healthy…many people told me that rebonding made their hair look bad and got many split at the end….but then i told them to take care of their hair,dont just pick a shampoo without looking at the brand…i use scwarzkopf professional product and never tie my hair…before i go out i will use serum on my hair….every 15 days i will go for the oil treatment or if i run out of budget i will just go to the saloon and steam my hair….your hair will need an extra care after you done rebonding…dont just leave your hair like that without any treatment,of course it will cause your hair to fall…..

    • Hello!. I really appreciate your comment. Wow! You are really maintaining your hair. I will check out that brand. Never heard of it. I am sure your comment will help other readers as well. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Rebonding your hair can be a disaster if you dont take care of it….
        schwarzkopf is a product from germany and stand for almost about 15 years….it work really good on my hair….even Loreal and other product cannot do the same as schwarzkopf…..but i dont know if schwarzkopf available in filipina…

  16. I got my hair rebond. What you experience happens to any one who does it. Because we all know that rebonding only last for 8 months. And they are not suppose to charge you that much it should only cost $200. But in Philippines it cost 2000 pesos. Depending on how long your hair is. And rebonding is also depends on how wavy or curly your hair. If its wavy and curly it won’t last long. If its straight it last longer than 8 months. Well mine did because I have straight hair. But my other family didnt

  17. Hey there! I had my hair rebonded yesterday.. And this is the third time i went for it. Although i have a severe hairfall, i just don’t want to admit it because the hair looks so great now. Before, i used to have this unruly, frizzy, curly hair ever.. And i used to straighten it once in a month. I have had hairfall back then too when i detangle my hair. And now I have this amazing straight hair which i have to put little effort to detangle and the only thing that’s been keeping me calm after every hairwash with severe hairfall is that my hair didn’t look good at all back then and now it looks really great. Plus i have a lot of volume just like you did and the fallen hair grows back. I think i need a psychiatrist to make me admit that i have severe hair fall. Even the salon professional mentioned it yesterday that my hair is falling too much. Sorry for the long post. Felt like sharing it with you. πŸ™‚

    • Hey Deepika!. Oh dear… I literally didn’t know whether to feel sad or smile.. Haha.. I guess smile it is then!. The psychiatric part definitely had me laughing!. Haha. Good one!. But then on a serious note, I would ask you to go to a salon for regular maintenance/deep conditioning treatment if you simply cant stop with the hair rebonding. I know it feels great and it looks great but I won’t suggest you keep doing it, dear!. Definitely thanks for sharing your experience πŸ™‚

  18. Hello hahaha! I just got my hair rebonded yesterday. The funny thing is, I didn’t know I’ll be rebonded tho. Why? My mother didn’t told me plus right in the salon they just grabbed me and started to applied tons of chemicals onto my hair so I got no time to ask questions. Literally. I even asked my mom if it’s only a treatment and she just answered yes. I was thankful because I don’t even want my hair to look like my sister’s. Her hair’s very frizzy and dry after she rebonded it five times. Then, suddenly after they washed my hair, they ironed it. I was shocked because from what I want and remember, I’m there just to trim and do a hair treatment. Angry, I asked my mother “Wait, what are they doing to my hair?” she answered “Rebonding it.” I wanted to cry and scream but I stopped myself. When they finished rebonding my hair, gosh! I was so mad! What’s even worse, my hair is naturally straight (so, what’s the point of rebonding it? πŸ˜₯ and it’s also the first time to put harsh chemicals on my hair) and the results. It’s very flat and don’t suits me well even my face shape is oval because my cheeks are slightly chubby (and I look like I was drenched in the rain, hahahaha!) Lastly, how can I get my previous hair back and how can I take care of my newly rebonded hair? Looks like this is the longest comment, sorry. πŸ™‚ Felt like I need to share this, so thanks for reading. Have a good day. :3 πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

    • Oh no!. Take care of your hair now. You know this is the second case where someone commented and said that they were forced to rebond their hair by a relative. Do follow up treatments to make sure your hair is hydrated.

  19. Please some body tell me about loreal xtenso. Is it safe? I have thin hair with little frizz. Want to go for it if it doesn’t have any side effect. N how long they last.? Can I get pin straight look with it.??

    • Hi Sana!. I don’t really know about that treatment but I do hope that someone will reply to your comment and help you out if they know about it..

  20. I did my hair rebound 5 days back in bangkok. I have rebounded hair 4 times before. This time I had the most saddest, upsetting experience. as I have rebounded last time 13 month back the bottom part of my hair was all good but the root as it came out was curly/wavy. I asked the salon to do only root rebound but they said they do whole, they have never done only root ever! so I said fine, do whole!! they took 4000 baht (very costly), After the final wash (after 2nd cream used) when they were blow drying i saw my front hair looking same wavy like before. I was too worried and asked them why these looking wavy even after finishing the whole process. I also said i have rebonded my hair before and all time i saw after the final wash it comes fully straight, they just dried it any thats all… But after saying all the salon said, we are straighting (ironed again) the hair and creams are still in your hair which will work next 3 days and after 3 days when you will wash you hair it will come perfect stratght!!!!!!!!!! I was really worried as I have spent so much money but they kept saying the same. I am not a local thai, i came back to my country 3 days after rebonding and yesterday after 4 days of redonding I washed my hair and it’s just like before, bottom part straight, up part same curly!!! I am SHOCKED, SAD and UPSET. I came back to my country so not even possible to go and ask them what is wrong or may be to ask for refund!!!!
    Anyone know why this happened???? why the cream/whole rebonding process din’t work???!!!

    • Oh my god!!. That is the worst experience I have ever heard of. It’s extremely sad that you couldn’t even go back and ask what happened. Since you had experienced rebonding before, you should have argued saying the front part shouldn’t look like that. But well, talking to a local is tough though. There is always the language barrier. It’s sad. I think they used cheap products and charged you too much 😦

  21. Hi, mine friend got Rebonding done and is insisting me too to go for it .. Although i had slight wavvy Hair..but now after going through thing is for sure i will nvr Go with rebonding ..Natural Hair are best πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing ..loved it very very useful ..!

  22. i have curly/wavy hair , my hair is damaged and frizzy … a friend of mine suggested i go for rebonding .. i thought about it before but i am not sure if i should do it or not . suggest me some ideas please .
    p.s Once i rebond my hair , will then newly grown hair be healthy and thick like before ?

    • Hi! Personally I feel you shouldn’t damage your hair more by rebonding it. If you rebond, your curly hair will be straightened and it will look good. But that’s about it. Damage will stay the same or be more! If you do it, the new grown hair will be curly like how your natural hair was before. For me, my new grown hair was more wavier than how it was before I did it!. I don’t know why.

  23. Hello! Please help me. I rebonded my hair 4 times now. last May.5 I rebonded my hair again. but I want my natural hair again cus it look really thin now it’s damaged. :(( please help. I have a really long hair and I never cut it short ever. But now I’m really desperate to get my natural hair back again. 😦 Should cutting my hair really short can restore back my natural hair?

    • Hi Sarah!. Cutting your hair won’t restore your natural hair. You can cut it really short so that you can get rid of the damaged hair. However, you have had long hair for a while now, so cutting it really short will be a huge change. I suggest you cut it little by little to get rid of the damaged hair. Let your hair grow out. Nourish the new hair with deep conditioning treatments and such. Limit your hot tools usage. Don’t rebond again. It will take some time to get back to healthy hair, Sarah.. But don’t lose hope β™‘. Eventually you will get there!

  24. Thanks dear for your advise…actually i was planning to do the same..but before doing it i thought i will search the internet about rebounding and i saw your post..anyways i have decided to go for natural treatment on my hair…

  25. I have undergone keratin treatment recently. My hair was too rough and unmanageable and a constant source of depression πŸ˜₯ After the treatment, my hair feels great to touch and comb πŸ˜€ and i feel too happy about it now πŸ˜€ and about the hairfall..i would say that my hairfall has drastically reduced!! With my original hair, i would get a bunch of hair coming out every time i combed my hair! But after straightening, it has become almost negligible (might be because most of my hair were gone during the straightening process πŸ˜€ ) And since my hair was too bushy previously, i am rather happy with the reduced volume (weird though). But now i am worried about the frizzy hair that are about to come next πŸ˜₯ Any suggestion on how to manage that half-frizzy-half-straight look? :-/

    • Hi Aslesha! Wow, am quite surprised.. You like the thinner hair?. Well, to manage the half straight, half frizz look, either do a straightening on the half frizzy part (am suggesting that since your hair seems to love the straightening process!) or little by little, cut off the straight part until you are back to your natural look (which is what I have done since my second rebonding).. Whichever way you choose, I wish you happy hair days β™‘

          • Hi …nazneen first time i read ur blog when i had gone through this disasterous rebonding treatment in april n every thing u shared about this turned out true. 😦……wat i want to ask is….did u get ur hair back which u use to own years back…

            • My hair now is wavier than how my hair was pre-rebonding. Healthwise you can never get back to your virgin hair. But keep deep conditioning, oiling and taking care of your hair in every way possible πŸ™‚

          • Hi nazneen….read ur blog for the first time when i had gone through this disasterous rebonding process in april 2014… n everything happened exactly as u said 😦…wat i want to ask u now is did u get back ur hair which u owned years back???

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  27. Hi nazni I’m working also as a hairdresser I got many people did rebond . 6 yrs. I’m doing this job I will till ds job is not easy its dangerous work if u wanted to do u have to choose and think much before u decide. Actually its depend for the work ethier ur hair is virgin or not we have to control the chemical , iron and we have to read the hair if not it will come damage, brittle ,falling or same its still curly. U know I counter many people did rebonding they afraid somes they got fubia bec. Their hair got horrible. Nazni if i got client I will advise is if u want to do again only same person will do ur hair or juzt till only reroot but u have to choose nicely who will do coz not all pilipino hairdresser their are expert for this job. Thank u god bless

  28. 10 days after rebonding, my hair become very curly. When i take shower each and every time it’s happend. What can i do now?

    • Oh!. You cannot really do anything about it. The salon did a poor job at rebonding. It shouldn’t have curled like that. One of my friends had this problem. Her hair curled after 2 days actually. Since the did pay about 800 bucks to do it, she rushed back to the salon and complained. They re-did it for her and then it was straight for like 6 or 7 months.

        • Yes, that’s the only option. Go to the same salon and explain your situation. It’s their fault. They charged you & did a bad job. Usually, I wouldn’t suggest doing a rebonding at all, but since you paid already, I don’t think there is another way than to do it again.

  29. Omg I got rebonded and I thought it was the best decision ever I feel so proud and my history is exactly the same as yours.. I got rebonded like years ago then I decided to rebond again but my hair condition really sucked. I really do not know what to do its useless if I were to take care of it too right? I need help..

  30. Ouh Gosh…i knkw the feelings. I’m brazilian and back home there is like thousands of different ways of rebonding. First one I did was a mild one supposed to last only 3 to 6 months and my hair not only felt to much but also became kinda redish. Second time they told me it was not for straighting but a deep moisturizing thermoactivated…and again my precious hair gone. Now its like 3 to 4 years I dont step in a parlour i do all DIY ( that much I scare) and still my hair is half of it was before 😦

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