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Hello guys!

Today I am reviewing an awesome 3 piece travel set for babies, purchased from Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?. First about this site. Mumznbabyz is an online website which caters to every need you can possibly conceive for motherhood. The site is really neat, nothing feels cluttered and is very user- friendly. Different categories are easy to browse through.

If something does confuse you, there is a Live Chat option on the site. I had certain doubts while browsing and the agent helped me right away. I chatted with 2 different agents and both were so helpful, patient and polite. That impressed me a lot.

So the product that captured my fancy is the 3 piece Travel set from Ryco. I got it for my baby nephew by the way. The set consists of a bottle holder with insulated pocket, changing mat complete with easy carry handle and a pacifier holder with clip-on clip-off strap. After purchasing, this was the screen that was displayed.


As requested in the screenshot, I verified my order and got to the following screen.

MumznBabyz2Just as mentioned, I received it at my doorstep on the 2nd working day. In my excitement, I didn’t really check which service was used for delivery. Also I noticed that the box delivered to me, had the MumznBabyz logo. I was kind of baffled. But later on, I checked with one of the staff and got to know that they have a fleet of delivery guys exclusively working for them. Isn’t that amazing!. Here is the adorable packaging:



It was a fairly big package. I have juxtaposed it with a 500ml bottle to see how big it is. On opening, here are the things I found:


Everything was neatly packed. It contained a brochure and also a thank you card.


Here is how it looked while still in pack and then out:

in and out

Even at the first touch, I knew this product is of superior quality. It’s made of a durable material. The print is really cute and fun. The changing mat can be used anywhere to change the baby’s nappy. It’s simply perfect. It’s made of easy wipe hygienic fabric. It’s stuffed with foam so that it’s comfortable for the baby to lay down on it.




See how easily foldable the mat is?. The pacifier holder is a cute and small pouch which can be strapped onto any of your bags.


All three items has a small piece stitched to the side which proudly says ‘Ryco’.

I had given this to my sister in law. She absolutely loved it and found the bottle holder to be the most useful. It has an insulated lining which can keep the baby’s drinks warm and perfect for him. She carries this whole set even to the malls. It’s a must have for every mom!

This product costs AED 89. A shipping fee of AED 23 applies to every order below AED 200. If your bill is over AED 200, shipping is free of charge. You will get 10% off on your first purchase and an AED 50 voucher for your second purchase 🙂. Currently, they have many baby items on sale for Eid. Head on over there and see what captures your fancy. Also, this same set comes in a different print too. I liked both however, felt the multi colored dots looked better :). So I selected that.


Overall, great customer service, fast delivery, amazing site, awesome variety of products, great quality to the product. Well, what more can I say? 🙂

Let me know below what you think of this travel set. I love feedback ❤



Note: This product was provided for free to me by MumznBabyz site for review purpose. That doesn’t mean my opinion is biased. It’s 100% my own opinion and I think this product is simply fabulous!


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