Motivating you to: Declutter!

Hello friends!

I will be starting a new series called “Motivating you to”, where I give you information (more than the usual!) and benefits of doing something and thus hopefully motivate you to do it 🙂 Decluttering will be my first subject…

What exactly is decluttering?. It is organizing everything, getting rid of any mess and unwanted items from your home, work and basically your life.

Look around you right now… What do you see?. A tidy room or a complete mess?. First thing you have to understand is that, the space around you reflects your state of mind. The more cluttered the space, the more cluttered your thoughts are. Organize the things around you. When you have a calm and organized surrounding, your thoughts sort themselves out!. Cluttered space creates negative energy and makes you stressed. You will feel energized and lifted in spirit when you engage in decluttering.

Say you decide to start with your cupboard/closet. Don’t try to do the whole of it, in a single day. Instead, do each compartment separately. That way, you wont find yourself burdened. Make sure you do identical compartments at the same time. Once you get started, there will be no stopping you!. The organized look is such a beautiful reward.

When doing it, try to sort them out into three parts: 1) Things you want to keep 2) Things you want to give to someone else (There might be someone else who can put it to good use. Pass it on to them. They would thank you for sure!) and 3) Things you want to throw away.

I am not saying that I am a super duper organized person!.. But I do declutter once in a while. Get cute but budget-friendly boxes from Ikea or Daiso, organize things in them. I usually upcycle those chocolate boxes because they come in simple and square boxes. (Tip: Always choose square boxes and never round. Round ones take up more space but the square ones fit perfectly anywhere).

See, how I have organized some toiletries in a Ferrero Rocher box. These things were all strewn around in my cupboard. You had to see it to believe it 😛


Each day, do different rooms/parts of the room and within a few days you will have an organized flat!. Same goes with your work place. Overloaded drawers?. Papers that should have been paper shredder fodder, a long time ago?. Get rid of them. Create new space. Create positivity in your life.

Look at the room below

ClutteredRoomIf that is your room, and you walk in, immediately you are surrounded by negative energy. You really wouldn’t know where to start cleaning up!

Now, look at the picture below


It’s not my room btw. But anyways, just looking at the tidy organized room, doesn’t your mind relax?.

Yesterday, I did my book shelf, which was a mad mess. I found unread magazines from 1997, for heavens sake!. Not that I haven’t decluttered before. Some of them are books which my mom found useful and she saved for me to read. When it comes to books/magazines, I always used to just never throw them, thinking “I will sort them out some other time”. So yesterday, I sat down, took out all those covers stuffed with magazines/newspaper clippings, sorted them out and arranged them all so neatly in my bookshelf. It looks beautiful now!.

Here is a part of my bookshelf. The top shelf contains my read books, the middle contains my unread books and the bottom one contains the newspapers.

BookshelfNow here is another part of my bookshelf, where I have organized unread magazines and newspaper clippings

Mag section

Another great thing about decluttering is, you might find things that you thought you lost or you really didn’t know you had!. Next time, your partner asks you for something, you can go straight up to the box where you have kept it, and pick it out. You will know exactly where every thing is, if you do regular organizing.

The main thing you have to realize is that by letting go, of certain things from your life, you create space for new things to come. It applies to your life too. Let go of the past and create space for the new.

Have you done decluttering of late?. What do you think of it?. Lemme know below 🙂


Naz ❤

12 thoughts on “Motivating you to: Declutter!

  1. I love motivational posts!! They are so inspiring. Will be glued to your series.
    I love keep everything organized. it’s so beautiful to the eyes and mind. The way you have written this entire post is really useful. i, too, use ferrero rocher boxes for keeping stuff like my dishwashing soaps and toiletries. They really come in handy 🙂

    • That is such an encouraging comment!. Thank you for being there to support me always, Praseena ♡. I do hope everyone receives this series well. I got some good ideas in my head right now, planned for the next couple of months 😀

  2. I like organisational posts etc, I am pretty organised but still like to read tips. Great post once again! hope u r well x

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  5. Came across your blog. Really like this post. Reading it motivated me further to de-clutter my home. Clutter and many useless items only create negativity at home. I liked your last line that it is important, you have to “realize is that by letting go, of certain things from your life, you create space for new things to come.” Now I have to get my act together and get set to make my home and life clutter-free.

    • I am so happy you found this post inspirational, Deepika ♡. Thank you for your feedback. It was really nice reading your comment. Do follow my blog and stay tuned for more posts 🙂

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  7. I pray that one day I could actually declutter my garage and my kid’s rooms! The problem is my kids (aged 21,24 & 27) live on their own (small apartment) and still don’t want we to get rid of their video games, wooden doll cradle, doll sets, books or train sets, etc. They have an attachment to these items and whenever I whisper the words sell or donate, its like being on trial. Thanks to A-1 moving and Storage and their professional storage services, I was able to keep their childhood alive and claim my home back.Check out their website at

  8. Aw, this was a very nice post. Finding the time and actual effort to make a really good article… but what can I say… I hesitate a whole lot and don’t manage to get nearly anything done.

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