Think you gonna get an eye infection?. Try this!

Hiya guys!

I have had eye infections at least 5 times. They come for many reasons. It might be because you didn’t get your mascara/eyeliner/makeup off before going to bed, unhygienic handling of contact lens, sleeping with contact lens in, rubbing your eye with dirty hands, using a mascara that has expired (sadly this was my case on two occasions!) etc. The most common eye infection is conjunctivitis. (Trivia: ‘itis’ means inflammation. Add it to another word and it means inflammation of that particular organ/part of the body.)

There are different types of conjunctivitis, but the one I am talking about here is bacterial conjunctivitis, which is not the common red eye/watery eyes that one develops mostly due to allergies. The symptoms of bacterial conjunctivitis are as follows:

  • Your eye lids stick together in the morning because of a slightly yellowish discharge from the affected eye.
  • Slight redness
  • eye might be itchy

Now before I go ahead with this post, please note that I AM NOT A DOCTOR. It’s what I have learned from my experience. That’s all.

If, on a not-so-fine morning you wake up and find your eye lids slightly sticking together, first thing to do is wash your eyes with warm water. Make sure the slightly yellow discharge which might coat your eye lashes is cleaned away well. Dry your face with a towel.

Then, heat some drinking water in the kettle. Take a clean bowl and pour some of that water into it. Wait until the water comes to a temperature where you will still describe it as hot but it’s not scalding hot or lowered down to warm. Add salt into it generously. Taste that water with a spoon. The saltiness should be really evident but don’t overdo it. Then take a clean towel. Hold it with both hands and dip the middle part into the water. Wring out the water. Steam should come off the towel. Then gently place it over your affected eye. When the towel becomes cold, repeat the process atleast 5 more times. Use different parts of the towel each time, if it’s possible so that there are no chances of you contaminating the water each time you dip back the towel into it.

Also, place the towel and slightly dab onto the white part of your eye. The salt plus the heat helps destroy the bacteria. After some time, if your eye was itchy, you will notice that it doesn’t itch any more. Your eyes wouldn’t be red anymore and it will return back to normal. If you see the tiniest small pimple starting to arise on your eyelid, do the same technique.

Please note that, this technique is USEFUL only if you do it on the very same day that you find the symptoms of the infection. This technique has worked for me every single time that I did it (That is three times. The other two times I rushed to the ophthalmologist because that was the first two times and I really freaked out. I cherish my eyes and seeing it red and sad makes my heart break!).

You have to be extremely careful when doing this. After all, it’s your delicate eye which is in question. Make sure the water is not scalding hot and the salt level not too much.

Finally, I gotta say this. If you ever have such symptoms, and you have decided to wait around for 2 -3 days, let me tell you, that’s a BAD decision. Go and see an ophthalmologist ASAP. They will prescribe you with antibiotic eye drops. DO NOT wait around. Bacterial conjunctivitis might start in one eye and then spread to the other eye if not treated immediately.


Take care of your peepers 🙂




16 thoughts on “Think you gonna get an eye infection?. Try this!

  1. Hey Naz!

    My kids have gotten conjunctivitis a few times from school and I read up on a few home remedies. Did you know that some honey in water, dropped into your eye also helps? It’s from the live enzymes in the honey that kill bacteria. It does sting pretty bad, but it helps.

    I also read that breast milk works. No, I’m not actually suggesting you beg a lactating mother for some of her breast milk to pour in your eye, but it’s amazing how nature gives us remedies to illnesses, yeah?

    I’ve never tried the salt before, but being a disinfectant, I can see how that would help. Thanks for this really interesting article!

    • Thanks so much Theresa!. I never heard of the honey treatment before but it sounds great. Haha. Well now that you said about the breast milk treatment, I remember my grandma talking about it when I was like 10 or so, for someone in my family. We had a lactating mama in our midst then. So no probs!. Haha. You are amazing. Love your long comment!

  2. Thanks for this tip, Naz. Eyes are really important to us. I am afraid of this eye “itis” or whatever that I am scared to use mascara and liner sometimes for fear of poking my eyes!

    • Hehe :).. For as long as I can remember, I have always worn eye liner. I consider myself pretty much an expert applying it!. The only trouble is that I never care for the expiration date of any cosmetics 😦

      • Wow, Naz. Come here and be my sister, please? I really don’t know how to apply eye makeup. I once tried and I looked like a haggard pharaoh with a the kohl haha!

        Oh, dear! You must check the expiration, especially for eye makeup. There is a specific number of days for it to be used.

        I recently bought a Tony Moly gel eye liner and I’ll try practicing it. Will write about my haul soon!

        • Hehehe.. ‘haggard pharaoh’ huh?.. That’s hilarious!. Yeah I should check the expiration of everything but I am kinda lazy at times when it comes to cosmetics. I think mascara’s expiration is like 2 months but considering how they are priced it feels like sin to throw them after 2 months.

          For everything else like food and such I really give attention.

          For a beginner, it’s always great to start with liquid eye liner rather than gel liner. Hey looking forward to your haul 🙂

  3. Ack, eye infection >.< Not pleasant-sounding at all! I have never really thought about eye infection but this post has definitely raised my awareness about it. I am now going to be paying more attention to my eyeballs- whether I like it or not 😛

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