How to: DIY ACV face toner!

Hello guys!

It seems like I haven’t done a DIY in a while. So here is one, for a toner which I have been using for 7-8 months!

Before I go ahead with the DIY itself, let me first discuss what a toner does. A surprising number of people don’t know what a toner is or what it does. So info first!

A toner is an astringent liquid used on skin to clean away dirt and oil, tighten the pores and achieve fresh looking skin. It is usually applied after a cleanser. Cleanser opens the pores and cleans the dirt. When you follow that step with a toner, which cleans the skin further and closes the pores, you are good to go. You can then follow it with a moisturizer. Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize (CTM) is the motto you gotta hold in your heart and practice every day, for better and beautiful skin!

Usually the toners available in the market contains alcohol which can be really drying on the skin. So a DIY toner is perfect, according to me πŸ™‚

Now onto the DIY and will discuss more info later:

You will need:


1) Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) – Our skin is acidic. All the times that we wash our face, put products on it, go outside etc, the acidic mantle is disturbed and our skin becomes alkaline. When it’s acidic (normally) our skin can battle against those nasty bacteria in the atmosphere, protect it from infections and shed dead skin cells, thus revealing a new layer of skin. However, when it leans towards the alkaline side, skin becomes dull and prone to infection thus leading to breaking out (Who doesn’t hate acne yeah?). ACV is acidic, anti bacterial, antiseptic and full of antioxidants. Using ACV to make this toner, helps not only in sloughing off the dead skin cells on our skin but also in restoring the ph levels of our skin.

I use the brand American Garden. I believe it’s AED7 for a 946ml bottle.


2) Water (Drinking water/distilled water. Not tap water!) – It helps dilute ACV, because it cannot be applied on it’s own.

3) Measuring cup

4) A spray bottle – I use this small spray bottle from The Face Shop. It’s AED12. I have seen such handy bottles also at Daiso (for AED7) and Sephora (AED30 for such a bottle plus other small handy containers, in a pack). The one I am using for this tutorial, can contain 40ml.



1) It is very important to dilute ACV before applying it to the skin. The first time I used this toner, I made it in a 1:2 ratio (one part of ACV and 2 parts of water). But now that my skin is used to it, I am going to move to a 1:1 ratio. If you have sensitive skin, try a 1:4 ratio and also do a patch test probably on the crook of your elbow. If you have normal skin, you can start with a 1:2 ratio and then move to a 1:1 ratio.

I filled 20ml of water into the bottle:


2) Fill the rest of the 20ml with ACV.


3) Here is the final mix!. This mixture has a really pungent smell but it goes away within minutes and anyways you will get used to the smell, as a toner is something that is to be used daily. This teeny amount can last you upto 7-8 months.


How to apply

1) Take a cotton pad. Spray it (like 5 times) until the cotton pad gets enough product to get soaked.

2) Apply to your face and skin in upward sweeping motion. Avoid the eye area.

3) Don’t wash away your toner. Let it dry for a few seconds and follow with a moisturizer.

Please note that though I have told you guys that I use the normal ACV from theΒ brand American Garden, I suggest you use, an ACV with the ‘mother’. This might sound real funny!. But by saying “with the mother” it means that, that ACV is in the purest organic form and contains good bacteria. Here is an example of one that I found in store:


I certainly would have bought this in the first place but I couldn’t find it when I was looking for it and now I have a 946ml bottle to finish first. So I didn’t buy this when I found it later on. Once my current bottle is over, I will purchase this one, for sure. This one is more costly than the other. 473 ml costs AED11.95.

HUGE NOTE: This ACV toner is perfect for anyone with normal – combination – acne prone skin. Also, ACV is different from your normal vinegar. So don’t get confused.

If you try it, let me know.

Love always,

Naz πŸ™‚

37 thoughts on “How to: DIY ACV face toner!

  1. Such a simple and helpful tutorial. I had no idea that they had apple cider with “Mother”. Haha. Sounds funny. Are you sure that little bottle can last so long? :O I always waste my products away either by spilling or over-applying. I had no idea what a toner was before this post. I thought it was like an astringent. Hehe. I had a Neutrogena one that was alcohol free, but it felt slimy on my skin. Weird. Thanks for sharing, Naz! I see you got those pictures done!

    • Hey Chrys!! Such a nice comment. I *love* long comments :D.. The spray bottle makes sure there is no spilling. Also just 5 sprays a day for your face and neck yeah?. So the little bottle does last that long. I am so glad you know more about a toner now. I have no idea why the Neutrogena one didn’t work for you. It’s a good brand. I have actually never used store bought toners ever. Believe me, I have many more pix to click for an upcoming post. But for now, am super happy I have put out my first post of May!!

    • Hi!
      I have been using the ACV toner for weeks now after the raw honey mask and it worked and beeen working wonders on my face. My problem is I couldn’t find raw ACV or “with the mother” tried looking for Braggs but no luck. I came upon your blog, and saw the ACV with mother.. Is it available at any. Lulu supermarket here in Dubai? Thanks

      • Hi Myra!. So awesome to know the ACV toner has worked wonders for your skin. The ACV with the mother is available at all Lulu stores in UAE, but it’s a different brand, not Braggs πŸ™‚

  2. Hi dear

    Hope you are doing good.
    Hey,I knew ACV is a good toner,but was unaware about diluting this before use,and Thankyou for that information and Thank God, I haven’t tried the ACV alone before.

    Naaznee,I would like to see your writeup on CTM procedures for combination skin soon dear,and if you have placed this before here,plz don’t forget to add a link right down,just in case I might have missed it somewhere…


    • Hii Smitha!. I am so glad you didn’t try ACV alone on your skin. That would have been a really bad situation. I haven’t done a post on CTM yet. I will surely do it β™‘

  3. hi Naz, lovely post. ACV with ‘mother’ is really good for hair and skin but thanks for pointing out that it has to be diluted with water. Had no idea about that. I loved shopping at the newly opened Daiso in Dubai mall. They have such cute stuff there.I love natural skin care posts. great take on the toner. πŸ™‚

  4. this is simple yet can do miracle. hehe. now im using honey + olive oil, and my face reacts well as of now. anyways, i google this ACV also and found that it is good as a toner. will definitely buy this one soon. hmm where can i buy that here in Philippines? hehehe..

    • Hey!. Thanks for following me :). Honey and olive oil are good for the skin. I am not sure where you can find ACV in Philippines but I am guessing most supermarkets will stock it. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  5. hello i was just wondering where you get your organic addle cider vinegar? Is it in the organic food and cafe in shk zayed? thanks

    • Hi!. The organic brand I mentioned here is available at Lulu Center. I found it in the baking section along with baking soda, icing sugar etc. But it might be only in that Lulu. In others try the Vinegar section…

      • Hi! Thank you so…much for the information. I tried the organic apple cider vinegar today and mixed it with water, but I was not sure whether or not to rinse it off after. I found your site after applying it, and thanks to your instructions I was able to to apply it properly. Thanks again for sharing your wealth of knowledge!

    • I would suggest trying a patch test on your hand first. Then wait for 24 hours. See if there is any redness or reaction. If there is nothing, you can use it on your face. For sensitive skin, try a 1:3 or 1:4 ration of ACV : Water. Hope that helped, hun!

  6. thanks for sharing this…I’ve been looking how to use ACV in a proper…do you know any grocery store here in Abu Dhabi that I could buy the organic ACV except Lulu? Again super thanks….

    • Hey, you are welcome!. Am not sure of any grocery stores where you can buy it. I would suggest you buy from Lulu itself because even if you find them in grocery stores, it might be old stock..

  7. Hey, well I just started this about three days ago, and I understand you say to use a cleanser first , what is a cleanser you would recommend? And a moisturizer as well? Is cetaphil (cleanser and moisturizer) a good one ?

    • Hi!. I have heard rave reviews about Cetaphil however I have no personal experience with it. I use the Age Defying Cleansing Milk from Olay Total Effects range. I love that. For moisturizer I use, the Night Firming cream from the same range. Great to hear you have started using this ACV toner!

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  10. thanks for such a usefui information
    .i want to ask one question to u.after using this toner whether i have to wash my face and then apply moisturiser.

  11. Uhm… Hi. I really love your post about apple cider vinegar too bad I can’t find organic ACV with the “mother” I’m just using the bottle I got from American garden!!! Is it ok? Should I switch to organic ? It’s really hard for me to find organic ACV :((((

    • Hey Emily!.. I am still using the regular one (American Garden). It’s totally OK. However, in case you ever get the chance to buy the organic one with the mother, buy it since the benefits are much more :)..

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