Signed Hide & Seek Cover!

Hiya guys!

Recently, I had followed author Aimee Laine’s Follower Love blog hop.


Aimee Laine is the author of 5 books namely Little White Lies, Into the Unknown, Surrender (These three are part of Mimics of Rune series), Hide & Seek and Silent Echoes (These two are part of Games of Zeus).

Aimee books

Sheย is also an excellent and talented photographer. You have got to visit her site and see it.

She had promised that everyone who was part of the Follower Love Hop which ended on Feb 11th, would receive a signed, digital copy of one of her book covers. I had mentioned my choice would be Hide & Seek, well for the obvious reason that it has a hunk on the cover (*Ahem Ahem*). Lol!. I felt the title to be very nice too.

Today I received the signed cover by email and I was soo excited that I decided to do a post on it.


How gorgeous is that??

I wish to thank Aimee once again for this awesome, autographed book cover and I am wishing her best of luck in all her future endeavors!


Naz ๐Ÿ™‚


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