NARS makeup in UAE!

Hii guys!!

You are not gonna believe what I stumbled upon this morning while searching for some skincare products!. I found a website which sells NARS products ranging from it’s blushes, eye shadow duos, lip gloss, foundations to it’s Kabuki brushes right here in UAE!

Here is the site:

Here are some examples of the products and prices as of today (I kind of get the feeling that the prices are changed each day because it specifically says ‘Today’s price’ and indicates the previous price too):

NARS Three Piece Duo Lip Gloss Set 3pcs. Price : AED 173/-

NARS-Three-Piece-Duo-Lip-Gloss-Set-3pcs-107282NARS Sheer Glow Foundation – New Orleans – 30ml/1 oz. Price: AED 164/-


NARS Sun Kissed Set (1x Mini Primer; 1x Mini Illuminator; 1x Mini Blush Duo) 3pcs. Price: AED 210/-


NARS Follow The Boys Lip Gloss Set (4x Mini Lip Gloss) 4x 4g/0.14oz. Price AED 176/-

NARS-Follow-The-Boys-Lip-Gloss-Set-4x-Mini-Lip-Gloss-4x-4g-0-14oz-121036NARS Forever Yours Eye; Lip & Illuminator Set (1xSoft Touch Shadow Pencil; 1xLip Gloss; 1xIlluminator) 3pcs. Price : AED 210/-


NARS Orgasm Lust Lip & Cheek Set (1x Mini Blush & Bronzing Duo; 1x Mini Lip Gloss) 2pcs. Price – AED 150/-


These are just a FEW of the NARS products, as there are almost 7 pages worth of products listed on the site. Click here to be taken directly to the NARS page.

Here is a message from the site:

“All our products are fresh and genuine brand items. We are an International company that purchases all genuine products duty free from reputable manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors around the globe”

Almost all products I looked into says it will be shipped within 1 business day which I think is super fast!. Also a flat shipping rate of AED30 is charged on all items. However, they do say this: “Essential Mall offers flat rate shipping rates as long as the products are being dispatched from the same warehouse. When you click on “Add to Shopping Cart”, the next page will clearly show the relevant shipping charges.”

They have over 500 brands featured on their site like MAC, Make Up Forever, Shu emera, Clarins, Laura Mercier, Sheseido just to name a few and it’s damn impressive!. The skincare range also has many brands which I thought was not available in UAE. Do check it out. The prices seem to be really good too, with some slashed down to upto 53%.

NOTE: I have to put a disclaimer here that I have no personal experience of shopping on this site. I am just passing on the info. If any one of you have already shopped on this site or you do so, after seeing this post, please comment below and let us know your experience!. I would highly appreciate your comments.

Love always,

Naz 🙂

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39 thoughts on “NARS makeup in UAE!

    • Hey Rekss, you are welcome!. When I came across this site, I thought of emailing you then I thought of letting others know it too. So I did a post on it. Am sure it will benefit others too. Hey, if you do buy the foundation from there, please comment and let me know your experience 🙂

  1. All they do is shop from another international site s**** or b***** which has similar pricing without shipping fee. In between they earn on shipping fee plus the additional discounts offered on bulk buying from these sites.

  2. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

  3. Aww wish I was involved in this, that was soo long ago LOL I have 5 giveaways on my blog right now, come join ❤ I'm in sharjah, but I got 3 in dubai, 1 worldwide and 1 for all of UAE

  4. Hi Nazneen
    This is Ahmed I am into skin care and color cosmetics I will soon be introducing Italian and french color cosmetic line, I would like to know your review hence would you like to check on this …

  5. Hi,
    I’ve purchased from essential mall when I was on the search for skincare products. All products are priced double in uae compared to other countries. ….. I ordered for Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder products. …
    It was shipped from Australia. It took almost 15 days to reach…..
    The product is truly genuine and packed perfectly. ….
    I wil repurchase from essential mall henceforth too……

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