Priti NYC Nail Polish Now Available in the UAE!

The luxury, eco-friendly nail polish Priti NYC is now available to purchase in the United Arab Emirates online at

Founded in 2005 by ex-model Kim D’Amato, Priti NYC was born from the desire to decrease the amount of chemicals and pollution poisoning the earth and give beauty lovers a green and deluxe alternative option to their daily beauty regime. Since its founding the growth of the brand has been exponential, now being sold in more than 25 countries worldwide.


With an A-List fan base spanning Hollywood actresses such as Natalie Portman, super star singers including Lady Gaga and Beyoncé and the fashion industries most recognized designers including Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger and Donna Karen, Priti NYC is notorious among beauty insiders as the pioneer in natural, organic and ecological beauty.

Completely nontoxic, Priti NYC polishes are a 5-Free brand, meaning they are free of the five most toxic and carcinogenic ingredients in regular nail polish, as well as being fast drying, chip resident, extremely durable and glossy they also contain a UV inhibitor.  Expecting mums will be delighted to hear they are completely safe for use during pregnancy and on their children, with the Priti Princess collection dedicated entirely to little fashionistas.  To complement the eco-friendly values of Priti NYC nail polish, the brand has also expanded to include products such as soy nail polish remover, a biodegradable, 100% non-toxic remover that is the cleanest and greenest in the industry.

“At Priti NYC, we believe that women everywhere can help keep their bodies healthy and their planet pretty- and look good while doing so. We in believe in beautifying without harming the world or ourselves”

Available in over 100 different shades including metallics, mattes, bright neons, rich darks and classic nudes, Priti NYC is the only polish to be using in your beauty regime for a stunning, natural and green manicure, every time.


EIDEAL™ is the leading provider of premium hair products and tools across the MENA region. The brand combines innovative technology with contemporary design to produce a range that has fast become a sensation in both retail and in salons.

The EIDEAL range was born through a necessity for high-quality tools that produce professional results. The founder, a former hairdresser, was driven to create a range of products that would set the standard for those in the industry. Since its inception, EIDEAL has been growing at a substantial pace, thanks to its founder’s constant search for idealism and a distinctive ability to provide the professionals with the best quality tools for their salons.

Currently, EIDEAL offers a vast selection of Hair Dryers, Straightening Irons, Curling Irons, Hair Clippers, Hair Brushes, Scissors and many other hair related accessories. These products are made from the highest quality materials, obtained from a range of natural sources including our Ceramic Brush, infused with tourmaline gems, and our DiamonSilk Flat Iron, the first flat iron to have diamond coated plating.

EIDEAL’s technological innovations and remarkable sales figures are reflected in the company’s widespread presence in major international exhibitions. Since 2008 EIDEAL has been one of the largest corporate manifestations at Dubai’s prestigious Gulf Beautyworld ME and at In-Shape health, beauty and fitness fair, in Lebanon.

This, however, is far from the limit of our potential. At EIDEAL the R&D team is working day and night to develop more innovative tools. Combining creativity with practicality, to improve the performance of hair professionals and satisfy the needs of every woman aspiring for beauty.

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Review : Shea Beautifying oil from The Body Shop!

Hey you guys!

Here is a detailed review I had promised back in December 2013, when I had done a haul and showed the Shea beautifying oil from TBS. I chose to buy this product because I love anything with Shea butter in it. Also, I saw it was a multifunctional oil, that can be used on the face, hair and body.


I first tried it on my body and liked that it’s quite a light oil that gets absorbed fast and leaves the skin looking hydrated. I even included it in a DIY body scrub. I then tried it on my hair and surely it gave a nice shine to it. However, long term usage didn’t bring any particularly significant change. I never tried it on my face since I didn’t feel it to be very natural.

It says on the bottle that this is a dry oil with Shea butter and three precious oils such as Kukui, Marula oil and Sweet almond oil. It comes in a plastic bottle, with a flip open lid. It has a very soft and pleasant smell. However, it lingers on for a short time only. I currently use it occasionally on my body but not on my hair. I am now wondering whether it was worth paying AED 65 for a very light oil that hydrates my skin, when I can get much better products for a much lower price!.

The bottle contains only 100 ml, which will surely last for quite a while but still costs AED65. So, overall, I don’t think it’s worth it. I don’t recommend you buy this product.

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ar457 Body care collection – to complete your lavish beauty ritual!

French luxury skin care brand ar457 introduces a new collection to complete your lavish beauty ritual.  The ar457 body care collection features four indulgent Argan oil-based products for a lush pampering experience, a perfect complement to the brand’s face care range.

Aligned with the brand’s focus of using the purest Argan oil as its key ingredient, the ar457 body care collection promises any skin type the boost that it needs to make it look and feel extra nourished, more radiant, and amazingly firm.

Silky Body Oil [hcor] 

Silky Body Oil [hcor] is a refreshing and nourishing body oil that moisturises, protects, revitalises and tones the skin while the anti-ageing Argan complex restores balance and structure. The oil, with a subtle and satin-like texture, is fantastic for enhancing the tone, elasticity, and firmness of your skin, thus helping you achieve a naturally youthful look.  The ar457 Silky Body Oil contains a blend of the purest traditional Argan oil and a modern formulation of fresh fragrances.  It also has a ‘dry oil’ specific formula that enables you to get dressed immediately after application.  The Silky Body Oil is also ideal for reviving tired skin, especially after sun exposure and after any hair removal procedures, including waxing and laser hair removal.  Price: AED 325

ar457 Silky Body Oil [hcor]

Cellulite & Slimming Control Care [ctrl] 

Kiss your cellulite worries goodbye with the ar457 Cellulite & Slimming Care [ctrl].  With a trio-combination of natural active ingredients, Cellulite & Slimming Control Care promises to redefine your body contour leaving it firmer and more supple with less cellulite.  A 26-day clinical treatment test reveals that the product effectively treats with a 19% average reduction in cellulite when applied twice a day.  Fat reduction of up to 4.5 cm on hips, 2.5 cm on thighs, and 5 cm on the stomach were also observed after a 56-day treatment programme with the same twice a day application.  Price: AED 425

ar457 Cellulite & Slimming Control Care [ctrl]

Redefining & Firming Care [backup] 

Getting rid of stubborn stretch marks becomes easier with the ar457 Redefining & Firming Care [backup].  Boasting a spectacular fusion of super active natural ingredients and revolutionary compounds, this product provides skin with an in-depth regeneration that prevents and repairs stretch marks and has shown a 72% decrease in stretch marks depth, making the skin visibly smoother, softer and toned.  Price: AED 425

ar457 Redefining & Firming Care [backup]

Intense Argan Oil [pur]

Infused with 98.5% pure premium Argan oil, the ar457 Intense Argan Oil [pur] is the purest Argan oil that nourishes, firms, purifies, protects and revitalizes your skin.  Suitable for all skin types and with a blissful, delicate scent, it is rich in anti-aging properties that makes your skin firmer and smoother.  Price: AED 325

ar457 Intense Argan Oil [pur]

The ar457 body care collection is available at Beauty Solutions Trading, and can be ordered through telephone number +971 4 3746950.  The products can also be purchased online at

About Beauty Solutions:

Beauty Solutions Trading and Consulting is the leading marketer and distributor of globally-recognised lifestyle and beauty brands to the Middle East. Actively researching international markets for the most innovative and pioneering products, Beauty Solutions is focused on bringing the most sought after and world-renowned brands that deliver on their promises to the region’s discerning consumers. Beauty Solutions, with its team of international experts, also provide consultancy services to brands wishing to enter the GCC Market and to business people in the region wishing to successfully launch luxury lifestyle and beauty brands locally.

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Birthday Giveaways (UAE and International)!

Helloo :)

Yay!. It’s my birthday!!. I am super happy today because I get to offer you giveaways for my birthday ♥. I hope you enter all those giveaways that you are eligible for. Try your luck!


General rules/conditions

  • Must be a follower of mine
  • Must be over the age of 17
  • Must be willing to share a picture of yourselves with the prize (except for the ebook prize) once you receive it, so that I can share it here on my blog
  • Must be willing to share your physical address and mobile number with me since those are required for delivery of physical prizes
  • Giveaway ends on November 12th midnight
  • Giveaway winners will be announced on my blog and Facebook page on November 14th.
  • Winners will also be emailed and given a set amount of time to reply back to me to claim the prize

For each of the giveaways below, there are plenty of ways to earn entries. There is only one mandatory entry in each of the giveaways and that is to be a follower of mine. Rest are all optional entries, however doing them all means you have more winning chances!. Entering by Rafflecopter is easy. Click on the terms and conditions on each form to know more, if you have any doubts. Also, certain entries on each forms are repeated, like asking you to repin a pin, commenting on this post and posting about this giveaway on your blog. You may provide the same link on every form for that.

There are a total of five giveaways and six winners!. Only the first giveaway mentioned below is open to international entrants. Rest all are UAE only!.

Ebook Giveaway (1 winner – open to UAE and International participants)

I have mentioned Theresa Dalayne plenty of times on my blog. She is one of my favorite authors. She just released her latest book, an adult contemporary romance novel titled The Edge of You, on September 25th, 2014.


I am so happy to announce that she has agreed to giveaway on ebook copy of Edge of You to one winner!. Enter here -

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Once the winner responds to my winning email notification, I will email back the ebook prize to them.

Herbline Essentials Giveaway (1 winner – Open only to UAE entrants)

One of my all time favorite brands, Herbline Essentials has kindly sponsored a gift hamper worth AED 300 to one winner!. Enter here -

a Rafflecopter giveaway


The prize will be shipped by Herbline Essentials to the winner, once I pass on your delivery details to them.

Vaseline and Clear Giveaway (2 winners – Open only to UAE entrants)

Unilever has kindly offered to sponsor a gift hamper each to two winners!. Each hamper contains four Vaseline body lotions, one Clear Intense Hydration shampoo and one Clear Intense Hydration conditioner.


This is such a wonderful chance for two winners to own these classic favorites!. Enter here -

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The prizes will be shipped by myself to the winners.

Glambox Giveaway (1 winner – Open only to UAE entrants)

I love Glambox and am so glad they are sponsoring a box for a winner!. The box won’t be of a particular month’s, instead it will contain beauty products chosen by the Glambox team, exclusively for this giveaway ♥. Enter here -

a Rafflecopter giveaway


The prize will be shipped by Glambox to the winner, once I pass on your delivery details to them.

Montagne Jeunesse Giveaway (1 winner – Open only to UAE entrants)

Montagne Jeunesse has kindly offered a gift hamper containing upto 13 face masks, to one winner. These masks will be custom selected to suit the skin type of the winner!. Enter here -

a Rafflecopter giveaway


The prize will be shipped by Montagne Jeunesse to the winner, once I pass on your delivery details to them.

I am incredibly thankful to all these brands who kindly agreed to sponsor prizes for my birthday. Yay!. I do hope you enter and share all the giveaways, dear readers. Leave me your thoughts below :)

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The New Brooke Bond Red Label Tea!

Unilever has released its new Brooke Bond Red Label Tea in the region. Brooke Bond is one of Unilever’s oldest brands with a heritage of almost 145 years. The new blend of Red Label is considered to be one of the finest, carefully selected from some of the best tea gardens from around the world.


The new tea has a number of special qualities, one of which is the Osmofilter Technology. The Osmofilter technology replaces the traditional tea bags with round tea bags which guarantee quick infusion, deep red color and great taste as well as a splendid aroma. Just bring fresh water to boil, rinse a tea bag in the boiling water for the best infusion and enjoy the great taste.

Another special quality in the New Broke Bond Red Label are its natural flavonoids, which can also be found in fruits such as strawberries, apples, black raspberries and vegetables. It is proven that tea which is rich in flavonoids helps to improve blood circulation and keeps you healthy.

The world tea consumptions is around 4 tons per year, 2.7 tons black tea and 1.3 green tea.Tea consumption in the Middle East is very high, comparable to the UK and Ireland that have the highest per capita consumption in the world, roughly 3 kilos of tea per person per year. Brooke Bond Red Label understands the need for high quality tea, and hence selects only the finest tea leaves from the best tea gardens. These are then processed and carefully blended to offer a warm and rich tea experience that you can share with your entire family. To satisfy all tastes and demands, the new product can be found in three variants, round tea bags, loose tea and dust tea

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Beauty Lovers Can’t Get Enough of neuLASH Eyelash Enhancer!

The revolutionary eyelash enhancer neuLASH is taking the Middle East by storm, proving hugely popular since its launch and fast becoming the most coveted lash enhancer amongst make-up artists and beauty lovers alike. The super serum is now available at the popular Sensasia Urban Spa, Emirates Golf Club.

“I could already see a difference within a week! I definitely recommend this lash serum; I’ve always had really short lashes and never thought that my lashes would ever grow this fast and this long” Najla Khaddor, Celebrity Make-up 

The nutrient-rich formula dramatically improves the weak appearance of eyelashes in just 30 days, resulting in longer and fuller looking lashes to flutter and leaving you feeling youthful, feminine and beautiful. Through a combination of moisturizing, strengthening and protecting ingredients, neuLASH is the number one beauty essential to ensure your lashes look healthier and more luxurious than ever.



 A simple once a day application as an “eyeliner” on the skin along the eyelash root, makes it simple for anyone to introduce the serum into their evening beauty regime and achieve luscious and longer looking lashes.  Consistent use of neuLASH once a day consecutively for at least 30 days is important in order to achieve maximum results.



“I have been using the product and I love it – someone today mentioned my lashes and said she couldn’t believe they were real. Of course I told her all about neu lash ;-) I’m really impressed!!” Hannah Lisa Makeup 

“I have been using this eyelash serum for a couple of months now and I kid you not when I tell you my boyfriend thought the other day that I was wearing fake eyelashes. Results! It truly is a revolutionary product that really delivers on its promise for longer, more luscious lashes and is packed with goodness such as peptides, proteins and vitaminsStephanie Khouy, Mademoiselle a Dubai 

A 6ml container of neuLASH should last approximately 120-180 days, if used as directed. Retail price: 795.00 AED

A 3.2ml container of neuLASH should last approximately 60 -90 days, if used as directed. Retail Price: 455.00 AED

neuLASH eyelash enhancer is available to purchase online at and at Sensasia Urban Spa, Emirates Golf Club; contact 04 417 9820

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Note: This is a press release, aiming at promotion to a wider audience. I am not compensated in any way for the publication of this post.